UNDP Internship Program is a promising platform where interns get to indulge in the leading development programs which are being initiated by the United Nations. The development programs are designed in a way that is helpful to uplift the standards of living in this world. The United Nations internship for national and international participants varies from time to time according to the needs of the UNDP’s ongoing project. However, these paid international internships serve as stepping stones for the participants to continue their careers by getting first-hand experiences of real-life issues. Numerous paid opportunities at UNDP are available in multiple areas fr the sole purpose that is the development of the world.

United Nations Development Program is an extensive network and works in 170 countries. The interns at UNDP would get probable prospects and aspirations to work hand in hand with the qualified, well-trained, and extraordinarily experienced mentors and heads in fulfilling the goals of the UNDP. Since its inception, the organization is working for the better future of humanity by working on some prominent and key issues such as the eradication of poverty, alleviating inequalities and exclusion, and capacity building of various countries for sustainable development and growth. The UN internship program allows the interns to accept those challenges and to explore their own areas of strength in such provocative processes.

The United Nations Development Program internships are available in multiple offices are the UNDP Country Offices, Regional Hubs, or Headquarters in New York. The interns at UNDP are given part-time or full-time internships in United Nations’ most prominent body in accordance with the academic requirements. Although the international paid internship does not promise a permanent job at UNDP, it assures the upgrading of the participant’s CV for the future. Furthermore, there are anticipated and foreseeable chances for the best performer of the UNDP internship to get further chances to work with the organization or with other bodies of the United Nations system.

The UNDP Paid Internships are for students or for fresh graduates in the fields which deal with democratic governance, peacebuilding, sustainable development climate and disaster resilience, and many more. The organization aims to fulfill the UN’s mission of global development through global networking, therefore, diversity in religion, caste, color, language, and race is always welcome here. The UNDP-paid interns would be the advocates of chance and could connect the countries with their knowledge and experience. In addition to this, the interns would learn the potential and credible means of using financial aid in good and effective manners. Thus, the extraordinary opportunity at UNDP is all above progress, learning, cooperation, respecting diversity, and addressing humanitarian issues.

UNDP Internship Program 2023:

Host Organization:

  • United Nations Development Program

Internship Locations:

  • UNDP Country Offices, at Regional Hubs, or at Headquarters in New York.

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Benefits of the UNDP Internship Program 2023:

  • The UNDP would be given a monthly stipend.
  • The monthly stipend that covers the internship-associated costs, could vary from station to station.
  • The interns will have chances to get further UNDP or UN system assignments in the future.
  • The interns can also receive financial support from nominating institutions or the government.

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Eligibility Criteria of the UNDP Internship Program 2023:

  • All national and international candidates can apply.
  • The applicants either can be enrolled in a graduate school program or a second university degree or equivalent, or the candidate can be in a final academic year of a first university degree (Bachelor’s level).
  • If the candidates must have graduated with a university degree, their degree must not be more than one year old at the time of the UNDP internship application.
  • The candidate must be fluent in one of three working languages of UNDP, i.e. English, French, or Spanish. Knowing more than one working language is a plus. Furthermore, fluency in Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, or Eastern European languages is also a plan.
  • The candidates must demonstrate their relevance to the UNDP’s programs.

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How to Apply for the UNDP Internship Program 2023?

  • The candidates have to apply only through the UNDP website.
  • The internship at UNDP is announced at UNDP Job Section.
  • Select a relevant field of interest and select to apply button.
  • Every internship has a different and exclusive deadline, so make sure to follow the exact deadline for the exact internship program.
  • You have to be registered separately for each program if you are applying for different programs.

Application Deadline:

  • The deadline for each internship program has different.

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