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Scholarships Corner has been founded by Muhammad Fawad Afridi in 2017 with the aim to enhance the knowledge of young minds of the world.

Scholarships Corner is a diverse yet one of the best forums where people aspiring to pursue higher studies or polishing their educational and professional skills can find all the requisite website links, scholarship programs, fellowships, exchange programs, conferences, symposiums, along with pieces of information, guidelines, and procedures.

The platform provides an excellent opportunity to seek guidelines and also resolves queries and questions in earnest possible time by providing opportunities to interact with mentors, alumni, senior professionals, and academicians. Bridging the gap between cultures and removing stereotypes, Mr.Fawad Afridi through his platform Scholarshipscorner is contributing to uplifting peace, prosperity, and progress beyond borders.

Founder Name: Muhammad Fawad Afridi

Email: fkafridi250@gmail.com

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