Scholarships for African Students to study around the world are an amazing opportunity for the students residing in Africa. You will get the chance to study on scholarships in Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the United States. The global institutes and different organizations have introduced multiple scholarship opportunities for undergraduates, graduates, and Ph.D. students to embark on incredible careers in the future. Hardworking, brilliant, and devoted individuals are welcome to participate in different scholarship programs. You can spend your dream life here without thinking about the financial pressure that has stopped you continue your studies.

The international scholarships to study across the world in different places is praiseworthy, and these scholarships are considered to be the best way to reach there. By discovering the paths of different cultures and beautiful landscapes, you can develop your personality professionally. Quality education in world-class institutes will help you advance your professional skills to grow in any sphere of life. You will get the opportunity to enhance your academic knowledge in the well-reputed institutes of the globe. Therefore, you must avail this opportunity as it will transform your career drive.

By offering you the opportunity to engage in the numerous disciplines under the African scholarships worldwide, you will be able to establish a strong relationship with the people of other continents. This will help teach religious and cultural tolerance among the people, and they will be able to make the constellations of intellectuals from the different corners of the globe. These scholarships will allow you to meet your basic living requirements in other countries, and you will be able to make valued contributions to the economic growth of the country and the world.

The various programs are available for the African students under the African scholarship program to allow them to taste the fruits of success while living or working in an internationally recognized friendly environment. The quality education and professional expertise of the international education systems are attracting bright African students to their region to harness their potential for growth in Africa. Moreover, the world-class mentors are always ready to help you complete the subject-related assignments and projects. Thus, helping you in widening your thoughts in productive and solution-focused ways.

The international scholarships for African students are narrated below. You can check the eligibility criteria and objective of the scholarship before pursuing the application

Best Scholarships for African Students 2023-24:

Scholarships for African Students in Europe 2023-24:

1) Orange Knowledge Program in the Netherlands (Netherlands Government Scholarship)

If you are residing in the eligible countries of Africa, you can apply for this Orange Knowledge Program. There is a range of scholarships for everyone in the field of higher education and vocational education. The mid-career professionals, having citizenship of the eligible countries, and are living and working in these countries, are entitled to this scholarship program if selected. This scholarship program is funded by the Netherlands Government.

For more details, visit OKP Scholarship 

2) Ireland-Africa Fellows Programme

Do you belong to Tanzania? Do you want to study for a master’s degree in Ireland? The Irish aid scholarship program is a good initiative by the Irish government to facilitate African students out of their financial constraints. You will get the opportunity to study abroad at an internationally recognized university. Thus, leading you to become a developed professionally in your field.

For more information, visit Ireland-Africa Fellows Programme

3) VLIR-UOS Awards Scholarships in Belgium

Do you want to study in Belgium in a development-related program? You can either enroll yourself in the Master’s degree program or training program through these scholarships. The fieldwork grant is also available under this program. These awards intend to provide product information to the relative stakeholders to get informed about the current happenings of the world.  This is a significant opportunity to visit Belgium which you can’t afford otherwise. 

For more information, visit VLIR-UOS Scholarships.

4) Sub-Saharan Africa Excellence Scholarships at TU Delft

The excellence scholarships at TU Delft are available for the excellent students of Sub-Saharan Africa. You can get yourself enrolled in the MSc degree program if you meet the eligibility criteria of the university. This is the largest technical university in the Netherlands and is recognized as the top university in research and education. You will get to know how societies can be impacted through advanced technology.

For more details, visit TU Delft Scholarship in the Netherlands.

5) SA-GER CDR DAAD Merit Scholarships in Germany

Do you have an excellent academic background? This scholarship is made for you. You are welcome to apply for the DRD DAAD Merit Scholarships in Germany. This scholarship will help you complete your master’s degree or PhD in a German land.  You can get admission to any developmental related program of your choice through these merit-based scholarships

For more information, visit DAAD Scholarship in Germany. 

Scholarships in US for African Students 

1) Fulbright Foreign Student Program in the USA

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is a FU international scholarship program for students across the world. Young graduates, artists, and professionals of any religion and society are welcome with open hearts to study in the US for a year or more than that.

For more information, visit Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program

2) 7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship in USA

The Nigerian students who have been successfully admitted into the two-year program at Harvard Business School are eligible to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship will support them in covering their tuition fees, providing them with the housing facility, and a round trip ticket to the US and their home country.

For more details, visit Harvard University Scholarship.

3) Stanford University GSB Need-Based Fellowship

Do you wish to work at Stanford University in the United States? Graduate School of Business has announced the need-based fellowships for MBA students. You will be awarded the fellowship of $80,000 in total, based on your financial condition. Through such a Fellowship program, the institute aims to develop innovative leaders who can bring change to the world

For more information, visit Stanford University Scholarship.

4) Master Card Foundation Scholars Program

Master Card Foundation intends to develop the next generation of African leaders by providing them the opportunity. If your talent and ambitions overwhelm your finances, we are here to support you. The scholars are assisted in economic, social, and academic terms to excel in their careers. Further, the scholars are granted the right to get accommodation and books along with the exemption of their tuition fees.

For more details, visit Master Card Foundation Scholarship Program.

5) Zawadi Africa Education Fund Program

Are you a career-focused female? Zawadi Africa Education fund aims to support academically gifted African females from disadvantaged backgrounds in Africa to study in the US, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya. By believing in the power of women, the institute is stimulating the growth of women leaders around the world.

For more information, visit Zawadi Africa Education Fund 

6) Mandela Washington Fellowship in USA

Young African Leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa can gain leadership and business skills to get engaging with the Mandela Washington Fellowship. This fully-funded fellowship will transform your personality and help you acquire the desired skills through modern technology and advanced international approaches.

For more details, visit Mandela Washington Fellowship 

7) MSFS Full Tuition Scholarship at Georgetown University

Do you want to visit Washington DC? George Town University in Washington welcomes African Students from Sub-Saharan Africa to take part in the MSC Foreign Service program. This scholarship will cover the tuition fees also. Your engagement with MSFS will help you in the long term in building challenging and rewarding career paths even after the completion of your graduation.

For more information, visit Georgetown University Scholarship.

You might be interested in the following scholarships:

Scholarships to Study in Africa 

1) Jim Ovia MUSTE Scholarship

Are you a Nigerian student? Do you wish to get enrolled in an undergraduate program in Nigeria but your financial circumstances do not allow you to take a step? Jim Ovia Scholarships can facilitate you with the funding required for the undergraduate programs that will cover your tuition fees and maintenance allowance.

For more information, visit Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship.

2) WAAW Foundation Scholarships

The WAAW Foundation scholarships aim to empower African females. These scholarships are granted based on their financial condition to continue their studies and take admissions at the undergraduate level. Considering the latest innovation patterns, various disciplines including mathematics, science, engineering, and technology are made available for females.

For more details, visit WAAW Foundation Scholarship.

3) The Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships

The African students with an outstanding academic records are welcome to apply for the multiple unique master’s and Ph.D. programs. The financial aid will cover the living cost, and reduce your tuition expense. Moreover, the Graduate Institute of Geneva awards the scholarship based on the financial condition and academic merit of the individuals.

For more details, visit Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarship

4) ACCESS Kenya Scholarship

Access Kenya had brought you an amazing chance to gain funding at the undergraduate level. You can get yourself engaged at an accredited university in Kenya. This will help polish your professional skills and nurture your personality according to the market requirements. Thus, raising your worth in the international environment.

For more information, visit ACCESS Kenya Scholarship.

5) Mandela Rhodes Scholarship

Are you an African student with strong leadership skills? Do you want to take admitted to the honors or master’s degree program at a recognized university in South Africa? Mandela Rhodes Scholarships are formulated for you. You can enrich your academic knowledge while studying there and get hands-on experience working on different field-related projects.

For more details, visit Mandela Rhodes Scholarship.

Scholarships for African Students in Asia-Pacific:

1) Master’s Degree and Internship Program

Japan’s international cooperation agency has announced an incredible opportunity for African students. The African Business education initiative for African Youth is available for the master’s degree program. This program aims to support young individuals to contribute to the development of African industries through academic knowledge and internship experience. This program will help them acquire the necessary skills and knowledge along with an understanding of the Japanese culture also.

For more information, visit ABE Initiative.

  1. Australia Awards Africa

The Australian Government welcomes African students to the land. The Africans are facilitated with the necessary funding to study in Australia for a master’s degree or a professional training course. You will be getting the chance to explore the landscape of Australia. Thus, make your visit a worthy one.

For more details, visit Australia Awards Africa

Scholarships for African Students around the world:

1) Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

The Commonwealth invites potential leaders and innovators through distance learning scholarships to become a part of the master’s degree programs across the world. This is a part-time master’s degree for African students which can allow them to study with their jobs. The selected universities in the UK and other continents are attracting African studies and facilitating them through Commonwealth scholarships.

For more information, visit Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship.

2) Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI)

Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships 2022-2023 are available for students belonging to African nations. These scholarships are made for facilitating them with the funding to study on need-based scholarships either in their home country or in any developing country. If you have already planned to work and live in your hometown after competing for your graduation and have registered yourself in the Post-graduation programs that aim to benefit the community, this opportunity is made for you.

For more details, visit Wells Mountain Initiative Scholarships.

3) Africa London Nagasaki (ALN) Fund

This scholarship is a valuable opportunity for African graduates who want to get enrolled in the Master’s degree program at the London Institute of Tropical Medicine. The various avenues are available for you in the areas related to disease control in Africa. Moreover, under this scholarship fund, you have the chance to choose the program of your choice in Tropical medicine at the Nagasaki University of Japan.

For more information, visit Africa London Nagasaki Scholarship.

4) Women Tech Makers Scholars Program

Women Tech makers scholars’ program is an excellent opportunity for African female students who are academic achievers with brilliant mindsets. You can apply for this scholarship to develop your technical knowledge and expertise in computer sciences, computer engineering, or any other technical field. The various programs are available under this opportunity in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

For more details, visit Women Tech Makers Scholarship Program.

5) Agha Khan Foundation Scholarship Program

The Agha Khan Foundation has brought the fantastic opportunity for African graduates to pursue their post-graduation in the well-reputed institutes of the world on need-based scholarships. This scholarship aims to develop such hardworking individuals for employment, whose financial means do not allow them to excel in careers. Ph.D. scholars can continue their research studies in the international environment through such opportunities. All you need is to have a passion to fulfill your career objectives in terms of academic and research-oriented scope.

For more details, visit Aga khan Foundation Scholarship.

6) Rotary peace Fellowships

Rotary peace fellowships is a fully funded fellowship program that facilitates African students with the accommodation facility, traveling facility, and other field study expenses. Moreover, the coverage of your full tuition fees also comes under its domain. You have an amazing chance to work at the top universities of the world through the ladder of these fellowships. Apply now and grab the opportunity before the time goes.

For more details, visit Rotary Fellowship Program.

7) Beit Trust Postgraduate Scholarships

The world’s leading universities in the UK, Ireland, and South Africa grasp the African talents in their regions. These scholarships are specifically designed for African students from Zimbabwe, Zambia, or Malawi. The master’s and Ph.D. scholarship programs are available there to help you continue your higher post-graduation studies. The eligible African students should not miss this opportunity.

For more info, visit Beit Trust Scholarship.

Good Luck!

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