Do you have a fascination to visit Canada, a country that is famous due to the thundering waters of Niagara Falls, rugged peaks, and national parks? In this article, you will learn about the top 10 scholarships in Canada available for you either to get yourself enrolled in the undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral programs or get the particular hands-on experience. These avenues are open for everyone who want to study or get experience for free through fully funded scholarships and partially-funded scholarships in Canada. By choosing any of such paths, you will learn how to polish your professional career in the long run by actively grabbing suitable career opportunities and making an organization feel that they are hiring the right person for the position.

The scholarship to study or get a practical experience in Canada is an outstanding option for everyone who is willing to taste the fruits of success while living or working in a conducive environment. The quality education and professional expertise of Canadian educational systems are attracting the prime students towards the region to contribute their part effectively in the Canadian economy and across the globe as well. Moreover, friendly mentors are always ready to help you in completing subject-related assignments and projects. This will help you in widening your thoughts in a productive and solution-focused way.

The top scholarships in Canada are specially designed for the people around the globe who have skills to grow in their career but their finances had always plucked their roots. While working with the students belonging to different socio-economic, political, and cultural backgrounds, you will learn the social norms of every society and will become religiously tolerant. Further, your circumstances, academic record, research statement (if required), and willingness to change will be the drivers to influence your selection in a particular program. Moreover, your engagement in multiple activities will help you learn leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills, which are considered a prerequisite to excel in a career ladder.

The best scholarships in Canada, the most captivating land, are made available for all through its top-class renowned universities and institutions. The various disciplines are being offered under each educational program to make candidates learn in the desired way by catering to overall aspects of their subject of interest. The details of the top scholarship and fellowship opportunities in Canada are given below, you can go through each available opportunity and get a suitable match against your profile by applying for any of the opposite options.

Top 10 Scholarships in Canada | Canadian Scholarships:

  1. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Vanier Canada Graduate scholarships are the creditable opportunities for international students having a master’s degree and continuing to pursue their doctoral degree in a Canadian University. This scholarship is specially designed for students possessing academic excellence, leadership abilities, and research skills. The articulation of your research proposal is going to determine your selection, thus make sure to draft it by keeping in view the dynamics of the program and your area of interest. Almost 166 scholarships are available this year by different Canadian Universities with an aim of providing quality education to young professionals across the globe. The available fields are Health Research, Engineering research, Humanities Research, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.

For more information, visit Vainer Canada Graduate Scholarships

2. Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarships

Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarships are designed for international students who are recognized as highly qualified students. However, their financial circumstances do not allow them to take the privilege of studying for master’s level education in high profile universities. This opportunity is considered one of the top Canadian opportunities, which everyone is eager to grasp. This scholarship is a merit-based option that is bringing equality among all students based on the standard benchmarks of selection. Your hard work, vigilance, and potential to transform your personalities through the learning environment will be valuable for your career as well.  Through this scholarship, a number of benefits are associated including the coverage of tuition fees.

For more information, visit Lester B. Pearson Scholarship in Canada

3. Karen Mc Kellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award Scholarship

Canadian Government has knocked on your doors to offer you participation in academic programs through funded scholarships. The University of British Columbia is sponsoring this leadership opportunity to make you a professional leader in the whole international community. The activities to be held under this scholarship will impart such skills in your personality that help transform a person into a role model, running the governance in true aspects. Those having the potential to make a remarkable difference in the world should apply for this opportunity. If you are dedicated to bringing your efforts back into the society and community for the social welfare of all, desiring to bring a global change, and engaged in exceptional extracurricular activities, you are the right fit for this.  Everyone, possessing a Bachelor’s degree can be held eligible for this scholarship.

For more info, visit the International Leaders of Tomorrow Award Scholarship 

4. Ontario Graduate Scholarship

If you held a master’s and doctorate degree from any of the Ontario-based institutions, you are on the right page. You can be given monetary support from one year to a maximum period of two years. In collaboration with partner schools, the government of Ontario has introduced the scholarship opportunity for students holding master’s and doctorate degrees. Further, the scholarship amount is also given depending upon the program you get yourself enrolled into. With a minimum period of 2 years against the master’s degree, 4 years against the doctoral degree, and a lifetime limit of 6 academic years, the award is granted to qualified individuals. A separate application form needs to be filled out for more than one institution. Highly refined brains are promoted to become a part of this widened scholarship opportunity.

For more info, visit Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS)

5. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

Canada is offering tremendous opportunities for brilliant minds around the world. The institute is mainly focused on enriching the professionals in the four key pillars of the foundation. The students wanted to get their doctoral degree in Human Rights and Dignity, Reliable Citizenship, Canada and the World, or People and the Natural Environment are encouraged to be a part of this scholarship opportunity. Further, your academic scores, your resilience for innovation, leadership demonstration skills, active engagement with employees, and commitment towards achieving your ambitions are the key focuses to be considered in your selection process.

Therefore, if you meet the eligibility criteria of this opportunity, you should not miss the chance to take the competitive position in Canada.

For more info, visit Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

6. University of British Columbia Public Scholars Award

The University of British Columbia facilitates 30 to 40 PhD students each year through the Public Scholars award. Based on your research skills, area of specialization, and the sanctity of your research proposal, you will be selected for this praise-worthy option. The main objective of this award is to bring prosperity to society by benefitting the general public. Moreover, the quality of your research work is one of the key pre-requisites to ensure your position there. All doctoral students, meeting the above-mentioned criteria, are eligible for this award. After the completion of the award, you will have to present your study report along with the findings on relevant networking events. This scholarship has also accommodated environmental issues in their domain which can support the global fight against the prevailing environmental challenges. Moreover, the tuition subsidy, research allowance, and stipend are provided to the selected ones.

For more info, visit UBC Public Scholars Award 

7. International Undergraduate Leadership Scholarships

Have you contributed your part to arts, athletics, and community services? The international undergraduate leadership scholarships are being awarded to 50 foreign students worldwide. Based on your good academic grades, your scholarship can be renewed each year. You must have an outstanding academic performance, particularly an “A” grade to be held eligible for this leadership opportunity. Moreover, the minimum grade requirement stands at a “B+” grade. The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies at York University is helping people provide a financial boost in times of need. This is not only an investment of amount but also an investment to develop your resume and transcript while actively engaging you to exhibit hard work and dedication towards future development. You will learn such leadership qualities through this platform which will help you serve the communities in a better way.

For more info, visit International Undergraduate Leadership Scholarships

8. University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship.

Do you want to study under the highly competitive scholarship program in Canada? University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship has introduced this opportunity for the students, who hold Bachelor’s degrees, have good academic grades, and are proficient in the English Language. The award is given to only two selected candidates and you can be the one if you meet the eligibility requirements of this opportunity. This is going to be a dream opportunity in one of the internationally recognized institutes of Canada. In order to renew this award each year, you should be able to maintain the standard academic grade during your study. Moreover, the scholarship is more attractive in terms of monetary benefits given to the students in form of a fetching amount.

For more info, visit the University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship 

9. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

Do you wish to excel in your career while engaging yourself in the Canadian environment? All full-time masters and doctoral students are encouraged to get the maximum benefit to recognize and support academic excellence. The commendable fellowship attracts those candidates in their domain who demonstrate superior intellectual abilities and are brilliant in academic performance.

The maximum period of support under this scholarship is of five years, therefore if you had applied for two years of master’s fellowship, you can be eligible for the three years fellowship of the doctoral program. Students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 are to be considered eligible for this opportunity. Your department is the main source which decides either to select you or not. If you are selected, you are automatically recommended to the Faculty of Graduate Students, which will further notify you via email regarding selection or rejection.

For more info, visit the University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF)

10. Ontario Trillium Scholarship

The Canadian government has taken a wonderful initiative by introducing one of the best opportunities for you. The academic achievers, potential researchers, and thought-provoking minds are welcome to apply for the Ontario Trillium Scholarship. The scholarship is endorsed with a handsome amount for the whole program tenure. All international students with a mission of studying in Canada should not miss this option. For PhD programs, you must ensure your full-time presence on campus to undertake the PhD studies in your relevant discipline. Your satisfactory performance throughout the program will help you get an excellent annual progress report and avail of the scholarship benefits during your studies as well. Further, this will be a worthy transformation to make your position in a research field and be recognized among the top researchers.

For more info, visit The Ontario Trillium Scholarships (OTS) program

Good Luck!

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