Dreaming of studying abroad and looking for top affordable countries to study abroad? The wonderful opportunities are always waiting for you to explore the knowledge of your key area of interest. These opportunities will help you deepen your academic knowledge and develop the professional skills that are required for the current era of professional advancement. Highly qualified, devoted, and career-driven individuals are encouraged to grab competitive opportunities around every nook and corner of the globe to harness their potential in a better way. Some of the opportunities are fully funded and others are either partially funded or fully paid. Depending upon your financial circumstances, you can choose the country where you wish to continue your higher education.

The opportunity to study in the most attractive and peaceful nations of the world is a creditable option for all those who are actively seeking their future in international academics. These nations provide you with a well-versed environment that is always helpful in nurturing your personality. The quality education, which is given through their educational systems is an attractive feature for grabbing the intellectuals from all regions of the globe. Moreover, your mesmerizing educational visits around the country along with the subject-specific assignments and projects will help you broaden your views on the key challenges of the particular subject and further help you produce realistic solutions.

The best educational opportunities are available in the top-class renowned universities and institutions of the most captivating land. The various fields are being offered subject to the fulfillment of eligibility criteria. These international studying opportunities in the most eye-catching countries aim to make everyone aware of the wonderful avenues in all countries as they were never informed about before. These countries had lost many bright talents in the past due to the negligence of awareness on people’s end. While working with people of diverse backgrounds, you will be able to learn about their cultural values and about the citizens of the chosen country also.

When you plan to study abroad, the first question that comes into mind is the selection of country over the programs and the fields of study. A number of countries are offering multiple scholarship opportunities at all levels from graduation to post-graduation and doctoral, it becomes difficult to choose which country is fulfilling your academic and other socio-cultural needs. Here is the list of all those countries where both living and education are affordable to meet your career goals. This list will help you understand the dynamics of each country and make it easier for you to select the best option among all available options.

Top 10 Affordable Countries to Study Abroad (Most Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad)

1. Norway: Study in Norway

Among all Nordic countries, Norway is beings considered an affordable destination for getting an internationally recognized education. Norway welcomes everyone from all regions, whether you belong to the nations inside the horizon of the European Union or outside of it. Every public university in Norway is ready to welcome you with open arms. Moreover, it is breathtaking that Norway, being a European country, is known for providing a high quality of life to its residents through its striking natural beauty. One of the smart features of Norway’s educational system is that the medium of instruction is English so it is easier for the students, proficient in English to apply and get selected there. If you are not availing of the fully-funded scholarship there, you should keep in mind that the cost of living is comparatively high.

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2. Taiwan: Study in Taiwan

Taiwan, one of the Asian countries, is famous as the cheapest country to study. There are many top-class universities which are offering numerous courses. Most of the courses are taught in English but this country is also known for Mandarin learning. The beautiful sights of Taiwan provide a fresh natural environment to everyone living there. Further, your stay in Taiwan will help you learn about the people and their determination toward their passion. You should be aware of the fact that the fee structure range starts from the US $3,300 to the US $4,050 which varies from graduation to post-graduation programs. In terms of living standards, Taiwan offers you the best living at a low cost. The living cost in Taiwan is not more than the US $2,900 annually.

3. Germany: Study in Germany

Germany, a land of ideas, is the most beautiful place to live. It is known for facilitating students with quality-oriented education and a high-quality living style at low living costs. Germany is famous among the youth of all regions due to its admirable key features. In German government-sponsored institutions, you don’t have to pay your fees at each level whether it is graduation or post-graduation. Students who were not graduated from German universities will have to pay a minor amount in obtaining their master’s degree but they may also get relief through fully-funded international scholarships. Depending upon your lifestyle, the location you choose, or expenses, the living costs may vary. Another attractive feature of German education is that you are given an opportunity to be taught in English.

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4. France: Study in France

There are many worthy educational opportunities in France that are helpful in transforming your dreams into unbelievable realities. It is a worth visiting place also. France, a gorgeous land of lakes and beautiful traditional sights, accommodates domestic and international students at the same living and educational costs. The cost may vary depending upon the program in which you want to get yourself enrolled. Although living and educational costs are high there, it has been regarded as the world’s top student city in recent years. With its bundle of English-taught programs, you are eligible to apply for them because all of the courses are not restricted to the French language.

5. Mexico: Study in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most visited areas in Latin America due to its interesting and unique culture, which people want to explore. Moreover, it always comes up with numerous opportunities for international students. The cost of education varies from private to public institutions. Moreover, the cost of study in the world’s top city, Mexico City, is quite high. The living cost is economical and has made it affordable for all. For the domestic students, Mexican universities offer Spanish as a medium of instruction whereas, for the international students, the universities are offering English taught courses. This feature in educational systems is helpful in acquiring talented students there.

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6. India: Study in India

India is the best place to study as it provides you with the cheapest facilities. If anyone wants to have affordable living and cultural diversity on the same plate, India is a tremendous opportunity to avail. Although the medium of instruction is Hindi there, Indian universities are also offering English language programs for international students. Moreover, the public transportation cost in India is quite low. Tuition fees are different depending upon the level of your study and the university you choose but still, the fees are not on the higher side. In a nutshell, India is the cheapest and most decent living land in Asia for the students to live comfortably.

7. Argentina: Study in Argentina

Argentina, the second-largest country in South America, surrounds by beautiful and peaceful natural beauty with diversified geography. These aspects make Argentina a living model to focus both on exploration and outdoor adventures. This gorgeous land is famous for being the safest area to live in. Moreover, the loving and entertaining culture along with the passion for national solidarity among citizens is the symbol of solace there. In Argentina, both kinds of student opportunities are available either fully funded or partially funded. Along with this, you will have to arrange approximately US$5,000 for your living expenses during your stay in Argentina.

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8. Poland: Study in Poland

Poland is one of the best countries to live in and enrich your academic knowledge. You will keep yourself abreast of the wonderful culture, traditional history, and quality education there. For students proficient in the Polish language, is a great chance to avail free of cost education in Poland. You just need to go through the entrance exams like all other Polish students. Besides Polish language courses, English language courses are also available at the cost range of euro 2000 to euro 3000 annually. For living expenses, you just need to have around euro 6,600 annually in your pocket. Poland’s capital, Warsaw is recognized worldwide among the top 20 affordable cities.

9. Malaysia: Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is undeniably one of the low-priced countries to study. It is comprised of beautiful beaches, and rainforests, and is known for being home to colonial buildings. Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is one of the best livable cities for students around the globe. Students will only have to keep the US $ 3,550 annually for comfortable living there along with the average tuition fee of around $4,000 annually for each academic year. There are many courses which are much cheaper than this amount. The branch campuses of the UK’s University of Nottingham and Australia’s Monash University are located in Malaysia and are providing academic degrees of the same standards at a lower cost.

10. South Africa: Study in South Africa

Considering the financial factor, another affordable country to study abroad in South Africa. The living costs and tuition fees are economical and reasonable. Moreover, you will be getting the experience of living in a country full of natural beauty and known for cultural diversity and windy history. Further, the traveling cost is also quite low as compared to other countries of the same cadre. Therefore, it is the best option for students, who have a passion for outdoor roaming. According to the program and University you select, fees may vary but on average, you will not have to pay more than the US $6,000, being international undergraduates, who are willing to take admissions to the University of Cape Town and the University of the Western Cape. In terms of living costs, you will need around the US $ 9,150 annually.

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