ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship 2024 in Switzerland is a not-to-miss opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to trail their academic careers abroad. It is regarded as a progressive change for the aspirants to shine in the field of computer sciences. The ETH Zurich attracts bright thinkers from Switzerland and worldwide to their fully-funded international internship program. It provides students with practical exposure by becoming a vital component of a diverse community encompassing global scholars. The ETH Zurich research fellowship further supports candidates in expanding their knowledge by participating in various academic activities under the mentorship of the world’s best researchers. In this way, the institute is eagerly committed to achieving its core values and mission through the constellation of intellects.

The ETH Zurich summer fellowship in Switzerland 2024 grants its students and staff the key principles of individual freedom, broad-mindedness, and social responsibility, accompanied by an entrepreneurial spirit. These are the chief constituents of the authentic Swiss values based on which ETH Zurich was founded in 1885. It is considered the pivot of stimulating innovation and knowledge sharing. Besides, the participants are facilitated with a natural environment that promotes self-regulation and leads to high performance. Further, an intellectual climate is provided to the researchers and scholars to think beyond the box for come forward with an enthralling study through critical methodologies and analytical approaches.

The fully-funded fellowship program abroad has a broader horizon as it caters to the following research areas, which include theory and algorithms, networked systems and parallel computing, pervasive computing, and cyber-physical systems, information and system security, data management and machine learning, programming languages, and software engineering, and visual computing. The institute works in a collaborative environment with the purpose of knowledge sharing and technology transfer. Moreover, computer science is continuously making progress as many domains have benefitted from software and algorithms. This is why the institute demands the involvement of potential students whose backgrounds in computer studies should be as diverse as the institute expects them to be as diversified problem solvers.

While lying at the heart of Europe, ETH Zurich University is frequently featured as one of the best international universities in the continent on the global university ranking list. The leading university is viewed as a central point that links the continents around the globe. The institute’s research priorities are designed to actively address the global challenges of the world in general and Switzerland in particular.  Further, ETH Zurich is listed among the first twelve ranks for science and engineering in the QSE and THE listings. These ranking lists provide students with a supportive analysis while making optimal decisions. The institute uniquely uses research methodologies, emphasis, service quality, and specialized areas.

ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship 2024, Switzerland:

Host University:

  • ETH Zurich

Host Country:

  • Switzerland

Program level:

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s level

Program Duration:

  • The ETH summer internship in Europe’s duration is from two months (1 July – 31 August.).

Benefits of the ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship:

  • The participants will receive a monthly allowance of CHF 1.750 to cover housing and living expenses
  • Travel and visa expenses will be covered.
  • Candidates will be awarded the research experience while collaborating with a team of scholars.
  • Candidates will be given an opportunity to expand their networking and socializing through the accessibility of the number of on-site socializing events.
  • Candidates will be given the chance to explore the vibrant culture of Switzerland.

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Eligibility Criteria of the ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship:

  • Candidates must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer sciences or a related field.
  • Candidates are required to complete two years of study by the start of the program (applicable for master’s students generally).
  • Candidates must be proficient in the English language.
  • The candidate must be available for the full two months.

How to Apply for the ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship 2024?

  • The applicants have to apply online through the SiROP application tool.
  • The applicants need to explore the faculty members and their relevant research topics prior to the application.
  • The applicants will be asked for one or two preferred research areas.
  • The applicants will be asked to provide their detailed personal information along with the documents.
  • Complete all the required fields for each level.
  • Complete your application carefully.

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Documents required for the ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship:

  • CV (using European format).
  • Official academic transcripts.
  • Letter of motivation/ Personal statement (max 1 page). Describe your purpose in choosing the selected area of research and how it will support your future career goals. It should be comprehensive.

ETH Summer Fellowship Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the fellowship is 15 December (Central European Time).

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