Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship 2022-23 provides an opportunity to the hard-working, talented, and well-deserving students to continue their higher studies without having any worry about the educational financial cost. The Aga Khan scholarship 2022 aims at uplifting brilliant students from developing countries and enabling them to be prepared for better employment. The funded scholarship also paves multiple prospects for upcoming career opportunities within the Aga Khan Foundation. In this way scholarship for international students from developing countries also serves as a stepping stone towards a better future.

The Aga Khan Foundation international scholarship program as it is elaborated by the name is sponsored by the same foundation. Since the beginning, the foundation has been working untiringly to bring humans together and to provide technical and financial assistance to the poorest and marginalized communities of the world. As the organization especially emphasizes human potential and capacity building, this AKF scholarship 2022-2023 is the testimony in its real manifestation. This competitive scholarship aims at improving the quality of life. In order to fulfill its mission, the organization receives grants from multiple other organizations.

The Aga Khan international scholarship grant has a unique way of empowering the recipients. 50% of the fund is granted as a scholarship, however, 50% is granted as a loan. The loan is being paid after getting employment from the foundation and putting back 5% of the received salary as a loan payment. This type of cycle shows that the Aga Khan Foundation is not just a loan granting or scholarship-granting organization but it is an implementation organization, which makes sure the career development and professional settlements of the students.

The AKF scholarship 2022 is for the master and PhD students of developing countries. It has been seen and admitted over and over again that the talent and extraordinary minds from the marginalized communities stay behind just because of financial constraints. Apart from having brilliant academic capabilities, they can not flourish. Keeping in view, these harsh realities AKF has taken steps in the direction to create opportunities for these students. This splendid chance for the master’s students as wells as for those PhD students whose professors recommend them and testify them as brilliant ones, to step into a pool of better learning and towards great knowledge.

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Program 2022-23:

Host Organization:

  • Aga Khan Foundation

Scholarship Level:

Benefits of the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship 2022-23:

  • The students will be given assistance in tuition fees.
  • Living expenses will be provided by the foundation.
  • The PhD students will be granted assistance for two years.
  • The students are free to obtain funding from other sources.

Eligibility Criteria of the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship 2022-23:

  • The students from the given list of the countries can apply.
  • The students from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Egypt, Pakistan, Uganda, Mozambique, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Kenya, and Tanzania can apply. The students from France, Portugal, the UK, the USA, and Canada can only apply on the condition that they originally belong to the mentioned developing countries and are interested in development-related work.
  • The students must not have other means to finance their education.
  • It is preferred that the student must be below the age of 30, however, the students above 30 years of age can apply.
  • Master’s students are preferred.
  • Students for PhD can also apply.
  • The eligible candidates must reside in one of the countries where Aga Khan Foundation offices are present.

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How to Apply for the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship 2022-23?

  • The applications must be sent to the local offices of the Aga Khan Foundation, Aga Khan Education Service, or Aga Khan Education Board.
  • Every country office has a different internal deadline. Make sure to follow the internal deadlines.
  • Be prepared to explain your financial situation, academic performance, extracurricular achievements, and your career plan in front of the local scholarship committee at the time of an interview.

AKF Scholarships Deadline:

  • The deadline varies from country to country.

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