The University of Tokyo Research Internship Program (UTRIP) is a summer internship in Japan for international students who have their majors in subjects relevant to natural science. Students who will take part in the UTRIP summer internship program will be working on research-based projects so they will have a better understanding of all the research work conducted during graduate study.

UTRIP internship 2024  would serve as a way to UTokyo’s initial level graduate program and then towards a post-graduate program. This will give them a picture of the roadmap of study being done at this university. UTRIP Students can use this fully funded internship program opportunity as an excellent opportunity to have an idea about their skill set and abilities needed to complete the graduate program in natural sciences or other relevant disciplines.

Students participating in this summer internship program will work under the mentorship of renowned researchers of the Graduate School of Science (GSS) at UTokyo who will assist them in polishing their research-related capabilities.

Apart from providing an exceptional chance to work on research-related projects, this Japan internship program also has recreational activities like visiting hallmarks and cultural sites in Japan. This will not only make their experience more memorable but will also let them know more about the culture of Japan.

UTRIP summer internship program would also include a comprehensive Japanese language course so that students get to know the basics of this language. Learning this new language would be a fun exercise as participants would experience something new. Along with this, the Japanese language would also help them to communicate with their fellows which would remove the barrier of exchanging ideas with each other.

This summer research internship for international students arranged in Japan will also comprise of coursework related to scientific areas which will broaden the horizons of participants. After completing this program, students will have to prepare a written report on their research project and give a presentation. This will help to access the learning done through this internship program.

UTRIP Summer Internship in Japan 2024:

Host Country:

  • Japan

Host University:

  • University of Tokyo

Summer Location:

  • Tokyo

Summer Internship Dates:

  • 26 June 2024 – 6 August 2024.

Benefits of the UTRIP Internship in Japan 2024:

  • A fully funded program that includes no application fees
  • Includes free accommodation and meals
  • A stipend will be awarded to all participants except those who receive the FUTI Award.
  • The program includes detailed research projects.
  • A trip to cultural sites of Japan
  • A comprehensive Japanese language course
  • A certificate of completion

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Eligibility Criteria of the UTokyo Summer Internship Program 2024:

Applicants applying must:

  • Have completed a minimum of two semesters of their Bachelor’s degree program while applying for this opportunity
  • After UTRIP, students should study another semester at any other university, not in Japan
  • Be enrolled in degree programs related to engineering, genetics, natural sciences
  • Plan to continue their higher education in research
  • Be available to attend UTRIP summer internship program for six weeks
  • Provide a health insurance plan before attending the program
  • Submit test scores of TOEFL iBT/ TOEFL PBT/ IELTS score if English is not the candidate’s first language

How to Apply for the UTokyo Summer Internship Program 2022?

  • The candidates fill out the Graduate School of Science the University of Tokyo Research Internship Program UTRIP Online 2022 Application form.
  • The candidates have to select the laboratory from the given laboratories and select a research project.
  • The candidates have to submit a personal statement comprising 700 words and must answer all the required questions and queries.
  • Provide all the relevant personal details.

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How to Apply for Japan  International Summer Internship 2024?

  • The candidates have to apply online through the online application link provided
  • Write a personal statement of 700-1000 words mentioning the reason for selecting a particular research project in UTRIP
  • “Applicants who are native English speakers OR those who have received continuous education in English for the past 8 years are exempt from submitting test scores. All other applicants must present a TOEFL iBT/ TOEFL PBT/ IELTS score if English is not your first language.

Documents Required for the 2024 UTRIP Program:

  • Complete the online application form
  • An updated resume
  • Scanned copy of the academic transcript
  • A recommendation letter

Requirements for the 2024 UTRIP Research Program:

After enrolling in the UTRIP summer internship program, these requirements should be fulfilled:

  • Complete six weeks of this program
  • Participate in all activities related to coursework as well as cultural events
  • Complete and submit a written report of the research project not later than two weeks which should be checked by the assigned UTRIP supervisor
  • Submit a written research final report approved by the UTRIP supervisor within two weeks of finishing the UTRIP program
  • Give an oral presentation on the research report prepared during the program
  • Complete all requirements of the application before the deadline

UTRIP Program Deadline:

  • The last date to apply for UTRIP Summer Internship 2024 is 9 January 2024.

Apply Now Official Link

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