Twitter Internship Program 2022 is a wonderful opportunity for interns to learn from the world’s most influential social networking platform. The internship is a virtual internship program that is designed in a way in which the interns will feel and learn not less than the internships that happen in offices. In this international internship program, all the interns are provided with multiple opportunities and tasks through which they can use their knowledge and skills to contribute towards the solutions to the challenges that this world is facing. Furthermore, all the interns are given probable chances to participate fully in an ongoing project or any upcoming world-changing product.

The online internship program for international students is a 12-week program in which the interns gain professional experience and have direct exposure to the working of the company. Most importantly, this free internship does not discriminate against the interns on the basis of their educational background. Students from all educational diaspora can have benefit from the virtual program. This is because of the fact that Twitter welcomes diversity in knowledge and ideas and is enthusiastic to have interns from any professional interest, either engineering, finance, marketing, etc.

One of the top-notch features of this internship program is the acknowledgment that Twitter gives to its interns. One can find any new feature on Twitter with the name of the intern who has shipped it. In addition to this extraordinary benefit, the interns have exposure to multiple leadership qualities and access to the Twitter community of former interns. The internship comes with various events which are helpful in social networking. For instance, all the interns will be able to have a sense of binding in the form of a community while attending #TermsFlightSchool together. There are many more social events such as #InternForGood, #GoBigStayHome, #HearFromThem, etc.

The first-ever Twitter online internship program was completed in summer 2022. The interns received the experience remotely. In that remote internship program at Twitter, all the interns received surprises which included all the accessories like T-shirts, coffee mugs, notepads, and other care packages having Twitter logos on them. It was to make the interns feel more connected while staying apart. One can see the exciting internship activities through the threads of the Twitter posts under the #TwitterChallenege and #MyTern. Moreover, in order to gather people of different nationalities, there are fun activities that are included in this internship. Overall, this internship program is a huge platform for learning new skills, social interaction, and cultural exchange opportunities.

Twitter Internship Program 2022:

Host Organization:

  • Twitter

Mode of Internship:

  • Virtual Internship

Twitter Internship Duration:

  • 12-Weeks

Benefits of the Twitter Internship Program 2022:

  • The internship is free.
  • As the internship is remote based, there is no hassle of traveling.
  • The interns will have a monthly rest day.
  • The interns will be able to have vacation or sick leave.
  • The Twitter interns will have access to the online platform for different courses of self-help, personal coaching, and licensed therapy.
  • The interns will become part of the global community and cohort of former terns.
  • Twitter has Business Resource Groups, the interns will have the opportunities of mentorship with those groups.
  • The interns would have fun in the virtual social events.

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Eligibility Criteria of the Twitter Internship Program 2022:

  • The intern must be above 18 years of age.
  • The interns must be enrolled in two-four year academic institutions.
  • The interns must be in the third year of undergraduate or graduate program.
  • The interns must be eligible for the full-time role following their next and final year of the academic program.
  • The interns must be able to complete 12 weeks of a virtual internship program.
  • For the interns from EMEA, they must be enrolled in three-four year academic program working on undergraduate, master’s, MBA, or PhD degrees.

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How to Apply for the Twitter Internship Program 2022?

  • The interns have to apply online.
  • Provide all the information correctly.
  • Provide all your documents incorrect order.

Twitter Internship Deadline 2022:

  • The deadline for the internship varies from region to region.

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