Free Online IELTS Practice Tests by British Council are designed for the aspirants, seeking to fly abroad through acing IELTS. The internationally recognized platform will provide you the comfort to take tests at your home easily if you have a stable internet connection. The IELTS mock tests are the same as an academic test taken at a test Centre, in terms of formatting and timings. The IELTS test exercises will include the following sections: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The speaking test will be taken place with a professional examiner via video call. All you need is to spare two hours and thirty minutes out of your busy schedule to attempt these free-of-cost tests.

The IELTS test preparation through British Council is one of the best opportunities worldwide. You can take IELTS online on your computer or laptop. This online test is an amalgamation of human and artificial intelligence input, which ensures remote proctoring of such online tests. You must install the “Inspera Exam Portal” software before attempting the tests because this is the only software on which IELTS online runs. You must make sure to download this software one day before your test so that no mess-up is created on the test day. The link to download the software will be emailed to you at your given email address.

The IELTS sample tests will help you prepare for the best suitable answers. You can use these tests to practice the time-bound sessions and develop your sense to get through the test techniques without paying any cost. These free IELTS study materials will help you regarding the real-test format, experience, and type of tasks you will have to undertake. You can easily test yourself within the given time and can review and compare your answers with the model answers to see where you are standing towards the Roads to IELTS. There will be no break between one section to another section during the test. Moreover, the questions will be comprised of a number of web pages, so make sure that you answer all questions with due care.

The free IELTS preparation includes the listening test, which will take around 30 minutes. You will be given extra ten minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. The reading practice test will take around one hour to complete all the sections. The IELTS speaking practice test will familiarize you with the framework of the test. The IELTS writing practice tests will require one hour to complete two tasks in the given tests. Further, free material for preparation will help you to take maximum benefit out of the resources provided by British Council. IELTS is recognized by more than 11,500 organizations and it is one of the leading English language proficiency tests that can make you stand well if you have a desire to go abroad for studies or employment.

Free Online IELTS Practice Tests by the British Council:

Host Organization:

  • British Council.

Offered By:

  • The IELTS learning materials are offered by the British Council

Free IELTS Practice Tests Includes:

  • Free online IELTS Listening practice tests
  • Free online IELTS Reading practice tests
    • Free online IELTS Academic Reading practice test – paper
    • Free online IELTS General Training Reading practice test – paper
  • Free online IELTS Speaking practice tests
  • Free online IELTS Writing practice tests
    • Free online IELTS Academic Writing practice tests – paper
    • Free online IELTS General Training Writing practice test – paper

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Benefits of the Free Online IELTS Practice Tests by the British Council:

  • The opportunity to get yourself aware of the sections, included in the IELTS tests.
  • The opportunity to secure high scores in the IELTS on the first attempt.
  • The opportunity to get the IELTS test experience free of cost.
  • You will be aware of where you are standing on the Road to IELTS.

Eligibility Criteria of the Free Online IELTS Practice Tests:

  • You must be 18 years old or more than that.
  • You must have a valid passport.
  • You must have access to a private room.
  • You must have 2 hours and 50 minutes of uninterrupted time.
  • You must have a stable internet connection.
  • You must have a computer or laptop only.
  • You must be able to download The Inspera Exam Portal application on your laptop or computer.

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How to Join IELTS Preparation Tests for Free?

  • Students have to apply through the official website of the British Council.
  • Register yourself for the Online IELTS practice tests.
  • Fill up the required information.
  • Complete the application form and submit it.

British Council IELTS Preparation Online Application Deadline:

  • There is no deadline. You can join anytime.

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