Outreachy Internship Program 2021-22 is an outstanding remote internship for the students and professionals to enhance their skills and to learn from an advanced network. Outreachy internships initiative is a chance for the interested individuals to form a collaborative community while working on open source. The paid internship for people around the globe provides a platform where contributors from all over the world can share their ideas and can collaboratively work on a similar cause. Furthermore, as this international internship opportunity is focused on diversity and cooperation, people who have remained subject to discrimination, gender bias, to systematic basis and also people who are from underrepresented communities have a great chance to make their names and get a lot of benefit out of this internship program.

Outreachy initiative provides paid and remote internships which are highly demanded in these times because it doe not require movement to the workplace or headquarter of the internship. Outreachy opens a free software world to its contributors. Moreover, the Outreachy program is an outcome of the inspiration from Google Summer of Code. These remote fully-paid internships are designed to empower the group of underprivileged and less represented people in the Tech world. The program serves as a link between the mentors who are already working successfully in the projects of the FOSS organization and the newcomers.

Open Source initiative that is known as Free Software and Open Source allows the users to use, study, change and even distribute the source code to anyone. It actually gives the users complete authority to work on any project or field. It is a program that is designed in a collaborative public manner. Moreover, it also provides the opportunity for the users to modify the software according to their own personal needs. Open Source Projects have very prominent examples such as Firefox, Wikipedia, OpenclipArt.org, and many more. As Open Source is a wide world of tech, the Outreachy interns who learn to work on its free Software may have access to a wide vista of employment opportunities. A number of contributors are hired by the companies that sponsor Outreachy.

The remote Outreachy internships are very vital and highly valuable in the professional world. Many employers make their hiring decisions by just getting knowledge from the contributors’ history of public collaborations. In these fully-funded internships, the interested people may apply to various projects such as programming, user experience, documentation, graphical design, data science, marketing, user advocacy, and community event planning. As these international paid internships are highly focused on the people who have less chance to excel in their communities, its previous recruiting data shows the Outreachy’s commitment to its mission. Facts show that in last Outreachy remote interns there were 92% women, 4% transgenders, 64% people of color, and 12 percent people wore those who were historically disadvantaged on the basis of their caste and tribe. So, this Outreachy internship program is a chance for every individual to grow and excel without any discrimination and bias.

Outreachy Internship Program 2021-22:

Host Organization:

  • Outreachy

Internship Type:

  • Remote

Duration of the fully-funded Internship:

  • 3 months.

Internship Dates:

  • Internships run May to August, or December to March.

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Benefits of the Outreachy Internships 2021-22:

  • The interns will get a stipend of a total of USD $5000 for three months.
  • The interns will get a $500 travel grant.
  • The interns will work under the supervision of world-class mentors.
  • The interns will enter the pool where the employers find individuals for job hirings.

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Eligibility Criteria of the Outreachy Internship Program 2021-22:

  • The participants can be from anywhere around the world.
  • The candidate must be 18 years of age at the time of the internship.
  • The candidate must be able to work full-time i.e. 40 hours per week.
  • The candidates who are on any part-time jobs can apply but they have to fulfill the criteria of 40 hours per week of internship.
  • The candidates who take leave from their full-time job can not apply. However, if they are willing to leave their full-time job for an internship are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Students can also apply but if their school or university free them for 42 days for classes and exams.
  • If the students are in the US on a study visa, their visas must allow them to work for 40 hours per week.
  • If the candidate belongs to the Northern Hemisphere, he/she can only apply for the May-August internship cycle regardless of his/her place of stay.
  • The candidates from India are also considered from Northern Hemisphere.
  • The candidates who wish to apply for the December-March cycle must be from Southern Hemisphere.
  • The candidates who are from the equator can apply for both cycles.
  • The candidates who are already interns at Google Summer of Code can not apply.

How to Apply for the Outreachy Internship Program 2021-22?

  • The candidate must start the online application 2-3 weeks before the closing date as it is a lengthy process.
  • The candidate has to choose 1-2 projects for the Outreachy internships.
  • The project will have some tasks which the applicant has to do on a collaborative basis.
  • When the applicant has made any contribution to the taste it must be recorded on the Outreachy website.
  • In order to record the contributions, the applicant has to go on to the community landing page linked from the project listing page and then click on the “Record Contributing Button”.
  • The candidate has to add the links and contributions before the deadline.
  • Once the candidate has uploaded or recorded the contributions, click the “Update Contribution’ and ‘Apply to this Project’ button.

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Application Process of the Outreachy Internships:

  • The application os this internship is a lengthy process as it includes questions that must be answered keeping in view the word limit and the gist of inquiring.
  • The application has an essay that has the following questions.
    • What country you will be living in from Dec-06-2021 to March-04-2022?
    • Are you part of an underrepresented group?
    • How are you underrepresented?
    • What systemic bias or discrimination would you face if you applied for a job in the technology industry in your country?
    • Does your learning environment have few people who share your identity or background? please provide details?
    • What systemic bias and discrimination have you faced while building your skills?
    • (Optional Question) Content warnings, which may include harsh words like war, sexual harassment assaults or violence, etc.
  • For some easy tops and what may not be in your answer, you can visit the Outreachy Applicant Guide.

Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the Outreachy Internship Program 2021-22 is September 3 at 4 pm UTC

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