International ILEM Summer School in Turkey 2023 is designed to discuss the major issues, confronting the Islamic world. To attain this objective, the ILEM platform has planned to bring together researchers, academics, and artists across the world. People from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply for this globally recognized summer school. The theme of ILEM summer school will be rethinking art and aesthetics in the Islamic World through conceptual, theoretical, and practical approaches in a paradigm of socio-political perspectives. The summer school will visualize Islamic art in relation to tradition or mystical experiences within the intellectual and artistic world.

The IISM 2023 aims to throw light on what is beyond the prejudiced and conditional forms of artistic expression. The possibility of producing aesthetic formulas in middle age is gauged from two extreme poles of cultural schizophrenia and acculturation. The aesthetic bridge between the distant past and the future will be built by respecting cultural differences. You will get awareness about the connection between aesthetic values and understanding of beauty, which have been passed on since the ages and are being reflected in multiple arts now. Within the conceptual content, the different themes including innovation, tradition, classical, and perennial wisdom are analyzed. Thus, enriching the theoretical interpretations of Islamic aesthetics in view of a metaphysical background.

Within the theoretical discussions, the fully funded summer school opportunity will discuss the latest theories on Islamic arts in terms of their origin and content. Moreover, Islamic theories will be examined with regard to contemporary issues, including digitalization and combining the possibility of bringing traditional values and contemporary elucidation of arts together in line with aesthetic principles. Further, the socio-political implications explain the treatment of Islamic aesthetics from the prism of social life. It will also discuss the Islamic arts in the context of the following major issues: propaganda, cultural diplomacy, enculturation, environmental issues, and many others.

The international summer school 2023 will cover the following topics: theoretical framework of Islamic aesthetics, mystical interpretation and Qur’anic roots of Islamic Arts, perception of beauty, truth, and goodness in Islamic aesthetics, sacred symbolism and geometry in Islamic art, critical re-thinking of Ilm-al-Jamal and Ihsan in Islamic art, Islamic aesthetics from western perspectives, methodology in Islamic Arts, Role of art in the transmission of knowledge, the meaning of Islamic arts, Islamization of art in the post-colonial world, innovation and conservatism, Islamic arts in the digital world, art in daily life, beauty and pleasure in the consumer world, Islamic art and society, cultural and environmental awareness, Islam and Clash of civilizations, art as a cultural diplomacy and political legitimacy, aesthetic propaganda across the globe, and cultural nationalism with Islamic arts.

International ILEM Summer School in Turkey 2023:

Host Country:

  • Turkey.

Host Organization:

  • ILEM Academic Studies Association.

Degree Level:

  • Doctoral Level.

Program Duration:

  • The duration of the summer school is seven days, starting on July 24, 2023, and ending on July 30, 2023.

Benefits of the ILEM International Summer School in Turkey 2023:

  • The exposure of resolving major issues of the Islamic world.
  • Accommodation
  • Daily Meals.
  • Transportation
  • Social-cultural expenses.
  • Traveling expenses.

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Eligibility Criteria of International ILEM Summer School in Turkey 2023:

  • Students in the related field can apply.
  • Junior scholars in the related field can apply.
  • Participants, presenting a paper can apply.
  • People from various backgrounds can apply.
  • People of any age can apply.
  • People of any nationality, origin, race, and color can apply.

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How to Apply for the International ILEM Summer School 2023?

  • The applicants have to create an account on Congress Management System.
  • Upload your proposal to this system.
  • The proposals will be evaluated by the international ILEM Summer School Scientific Committee.
  • If proposals are accepted, you need to upload the full text of the manuscripts to the Congress Management System.
  • Based on the final evaluation, participants will be announced.

ILEM Summer School Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for submitting a proposal is May 01, 2023.

Apply Now Official Link

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