Google Global Coding Competition is a unique competition for extraordinary programmers from all around the globe. In this coding competition which is also known as Coding Jam, the talented programmers are given extensive challenges to solve in a specific set of time and thus the Code Jam challenge provides the participants an excellent chance to prove their mantle by putting their skills on a litmus test. This exciting online coding competition is the largest coding competition of Google in the world. So, the challenge is a gateway for the programs for a new virtual world having numerous vistas of opportunities.

Each year the Google Global Code Jam Competition consists of four rounds which are hosted online, however, the annual Code Jam finals are held at different Google offices. Each round is full of time management, algorithmic puzzle, and complex coding which the contestants have to pass in order to progress to the next round. This is the world’s most challenging competition because it not only requires the outsmarting abilities with the rounds but the participants also have to gain minimum qualifying points in order to enter the international coding competition.

The competition is for sure a platform where the programmers of the world get to know each other’s excellence and grip in the field. Moreover, it is a perfect chance for the participants to improve themselves by knowing the competitiveness in this world. Programming is a very vast field and so is coding. The programmers learn to polish themselves further by going through such an extensive and highly competitive competition.

The rules for this competition are also different and very strict. Complete guidance for terms and condition is also given separately. For instance, after qualifying in Code Jam’s online Qualification round, the programmers are given round 1. Round 1 has a further three sub rounds, the programmers can qualify as many as it takes to bring them in the top 1500. These compete for round 2 and then the participants are reduced to 1000 and are moved to round 3. Only 25 finalists continue the final round and the winner gets the prize.

Google Global Coding Competition 2022 | Coding Jam:

Host Organization:

  • Google

Benefits of the Google Coding Contest 2022:

  • A cash prize of $15000 will be given.
  • The participants who reach round 3 will receive a limited edition Code Jam T-Shirt.
  • The top finalists will get a chance to compete in the Virtual World Finals.
  • The participants will receive the certificates on the basis of their level achievements.

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Eligibility Criteria of the Google Global Coding Competition 2022:

  • All the candidates from around the globe can apply except the contestants from Crimea, North Korea, Quebec, Donetsk People’s Republic, and Luhansk People’s Republic, or where prohibited by law.
  • The employees, internees, or contractor of Google or Alphabets and their affiliates can not apply.
  • If you are a government official, you can apply but you will not receive any prize or certificate because an officer can only enter into the contest as a Hub organizer.
  • The candidate must be 16 and not below 18 final rounds of Code Jam.
  •  If Google requires any proof of eligibility the candidate has to provide it within 5 days otherwise the candidate will be disqualified.

How to Apply for the Google Global Coding Competition 2022?

  • The participant must have to make a profile online.
  • After making a profile, get yourself registered.
  • The participants will have access to the applicable contest website and will get to know the registration time from those websites.
  • The candidates have to determine the contest time according to their time zone.
  • Candidates have to get themselves registered separately for every contestant. For Example, if you are registered in Code Jam and you want to contest in Hash Code, you must have to be registered in Hash Code separately.
  • Make sure you have only one valid contest profile for each registration, multiple profiles will lead to disqualification.

Google Coding Competition Competition Application Deadline:

  • The contest will end on Sunday, April 3, 2022, at 19:00 UTC.

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