European Academy of Neurology every year announces its annual EAN Autumn School 2021 in Greece. The fully-funded program provides every neurologist with the chance to get trained under the mentorship of intellectual professionals of neurological science. The EAN is envisioned at making clear identification of the critical areas that are of general scientific interest. Through evidence-based training, the program intends to establish think tanks in this field. Undoubtedly, this is a creditable platform to improve the work and quality of the neurological workforce.

The training opportunity in Europe allows every bright student to join hands with all neurologists and improve professional skills in a beautiful scope-driven environment throughout the program’s tenure. Moreover, it encourages experienced neurologists to express their thoughts and develop the best product solutions through practical learning modules. The neurologists will be getting the opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds while contributing their essential part to the economy of the program-associated countries through their professionally attained competencies. In this way, the area of neurology will be groomed further in the desired way after overcoming the current challenges of the field.

The EAN Autumn Camp 2022 for neurological training abroad has opened multiple avenues for you. Do not think much and just be a part of this prestigious offer from the well-known European Academy of Neurology. Besides your skills development and well-versed knowledge about your area, you will be getting the chance to experience the best location of Europe, encompassing volcanic islands, sandy beaches, and stunning temples. Further, the world will be taking advantage of your enriched neurology skills, and the burden of neurological diseases will be reduced this way. The program had been designed by incorporating the quality modules, the sanctity of the institute, and adherence to the Greek values.

The European Academy of Neurology is offering an excellent program for neurologists to take a short break from their hectic schedules and contribute to the progress of their countries. This will be equally beneficial for their career development also. The institute has been continuously making progress in acquiring its core mission of promoting neurological excellence worldwide, specifically in Europe. Thus, leading towards better patient care and positive results. The institute has engaged 47 national communities and around 45 000 neurologists to bring progression in the field of neurology. In this way, pathways for succession in the concerned domain are reaching the corners of the globe.

EAN Autumn School in Loutraki, Greece:

 Host Country:

  • Greece

Host Organization:

  • European Academy of Neurology

Program Location:

  • Wyndham Loutraki Poseidon (Loutraki 203 00, Griechenland), 1.5 hours from Athens airport.

Program Duration:

  • The duration of international autumn school is four days from October 20, 2022, to October 23, 2022.

Benefits of EAN Autumn School 2022:

  • The participants will get accommodation, tuition, board, and program from the host organization.
  • A travel grant is possible if the participants are from low-income or lower-middle-income countries.

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 Eligibility Criteria of EAN Autumn School 2022:

  • Candidates should be a full-time members of RRFS members of EAN member countries when applying for the program.
  • Previous awardees are not eligible to apply.
  • Candidates from low and lower-middle-income countries can apply for travel facilities.
  • Candidates, who are RRFS members of EAN member countries, having more than two years of practical experience in clinical training can apply.
  • Candidates who are RRFS members from Jordan, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Mauretania, Morocco, Nepal, Palestine, Syria, and Tunisia can apply.
  • Candidates falling in the list of HINARI Group-A countries are preferred to apply.
  • Full members of EAN member countries with 5 years of practical experience right after their neurology training completion, can apply.

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 How to Apply for the EAN Autumn School 2022?

  • In order to avoid any inconvenience, the application procedure must be started at least four weeks before the application deadline.
  • All required documents along with the application form must be submitted through email to Ms. Magda Dohnalova at .
  • Applicants must keep a record of the application and must request a read receipt. This is because sometimes original documents or fresh copies are requested by the host organization during the interview.

 Documents Required:

  • CV or Resume.
  • Complete the application form, along with other documents.
  • Statement for entitlement of traveling allowance (for candidates belonging to low-income and lower-middle-class countries). It should cover your desire to become a part of this program.

Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline of the EAN international Authum School is June 01, 2022.

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