CERN Openlab Summer Student Program is a fully-funded summer internship program in Switzerland. The internship at CERN is a splendid opportunity for curious minds from all over the globe to experience the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments. This Openlab program helps the students to quench their thrust of gaining advanced knowledge and insight about the fundamental laws of nature. Moreover, the CERN research internship program provides students with superb international experience and exposure to practical physics and related fields. The program offers fascinating and challenging projects and a combination of experiences one cannot find anywhere in the world.

CERN is a well-known European Organization for Nuclear Research; however, one of the key missions of CERN is education. To fulfill its mission, the organization strives to share its knowledge and expertise with skilled, committed, and passionate students, so it calls the students to Switzerland for free. CERN has too many feathers in its cap as it is the site for the world’s largest and highest particle collider the Large Hadron Collider, the main site to host the large computing facility and the birthplace of the World Wide Web. These are the main attractions for the students to come to Europe for a summer program and enhance their practical knowledge under the best supervision in CERN.

This year the Openlab summer student program calls for promising and extraordinary students from the field of computer science to work on cutting-edge projects. These projects are designed with the collaboration of top-class ICT companies for the international students at CERN. By participating in these projects, the Openlab fellows get to know the latest and most advanced solutions for different ICT problems. Moreover, in this CERN internship in Switzerland for international students in 2024, the fellows can work while using advanced hardware and software technologies and their use in high-energy physics. The most splendid aspect of this fully-funded opportunity in CERN is the fact that it is for bachelor’s and master’s students. The internship, no doubt serves as a stepping stone for a better career and brighter future for the students because it provides them with the most exciting and learned experiences of their personal and professional lives.

The Openlab Summer Internship in Europe is a series of lectures about an advanced IT project on which the fellows are working. Importantly, these lectures will be prepared and delivered by the computing experts at CERN. Apart from lectures, in this top-class fully funded European Internship, the fellows will also be visiting the accelerator and experimental areas as well as the visits to external companies. This helps the students to build public relations and to set a smooth road for their careers and practical lives. CERN is very much committed to inculcating the best knowledge in the students which is why the students must compile the report of their projects and give a presentation at the end of the Openlab summer program.

CERN Openlab Summer Student Program 2024 in Switzerland:

Host Country:

  • Switzerland

Host Organization:

  • European Organization for Nuclear Research

Summer Internship Location:

  • Geneva

Summer Internship Duration:

  • 9 weeks

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CERN Internship 2024 Benefits:

  • The students will be provided with a stipend.
  • The stipend will be 90 CHF per calendar day.
  • The stipend will be given to meet the living costs of the students at CERN.
  • A lump-sum one-time travel allowance will be provided.
  • The health insurance of the participants will be covered under the CERN comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme.
  • The participants will be assisted in finding a living place near the CERN.

Eligibility Criteria of the CERN Openlab Summer Student Program:

  • Candidates of all nationalities can apply.
  • The candidate must be a bachelor’s or master’s student. PhD students are not eligible.
  • The candidate must not have worked with CERN by any means or status for more than three months.
  • The candidates must have relevant degrees to their selected projects.
  • The candidates must be proficient in English. The knowledge of the French language can be a plus point.

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How to Apply for the CERN Openlab Summer Student Program?

  • The candidates have to apply through the CERN Openlab online application form on its career portal.
  • Make sure to provide all the required documents.
  • Only the reference letters can be submitted afterward.
  • Once the application is submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • In the confirmation email, a link will be provided. If you have not uploaded your reference letter, forward that link to your referees so that they can send the reference letters.

CERN Summer Student Program 2024 Deadline:

  • The last date to apply for the CERN Summer Internship Program 2024 is Wednesday 31 January 2024 12 noon CET time

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