The Zayed Sustainability Prize 2024, with a generous fund of US $5.9 million, stands at the forefront of recognizing and advancing global sustainability efforts. Distinguished by its commitment to fostering innovation, the Prize distributes its fund across categories including Health, Food, Energy, Water, Climate Action, and Global High Schools, each receiving significant financial support to further their impactful solutions.

In the realm of global sustainability, the Prize’s allocation of US $1 million each to the categories of Health, Food, Energy, Water, and Climate Action underscores its dedication to addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time. These sectors are pivotal for ensuring a sustainable future, and the Prize’s substantial support empowers innovators to scale their solutions, making a lasting impact on communities worldwide.

For the Global High Schools category, the Prize earmarks US $900,000, divided among six schools from different regions, with each receiving up to US $150,000. This unique focus on the younger generation highlights the Prize’s vision of nurturing future leaders in sustainability. It encourages students to conceptualize and implement projects that address local and global environmental challenges, fostering a culture of innovation and responsibility towards the planet.

The Zayed Sustainability Prize 2024, through its comprehensive and generous funding approach, not only honors the legacy of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan but also actively contributes to the global sustainability agenda. By supporting a wide range of initiatives, from renewable energy projects to educational reforms in sustainability, the Prize plays a crucial role in driving forward the innovations necessary for a sustainable future for all

Zayed Sustainability Prize 2024:

Organized By:

  • Zayed Sustainability Prize, UAE

Categories of the ZSP Award 2024:

  • Health
  • Food
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Climate Action
  • Global High Schools

Total ZSP Fund 2024:

The total prize fund for the Zayed Sustainability Prize 2024 is US $5.9 million. This fund is distributed as follows across the different categories:

  • Health: US $1,000,000
  • Food: US $1,000,000
  • Energy: US $1,000,000
  • Water: US $1,000,000
  • Climate Action: US $1,000,000
  • Global High Schools: US $900,000, with up to US $150,000 awarded to one school from each of the six global regions.

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Benefits of the Zayed Sustainability Prize Awards 2024:

  • All finalists are invited to attend the ceremony, with flights and accommodation costs covered. This provides an excellent opportunity for networking and recognition on a global stage.
  • Winners enter into a contractual agreement with Masdar, which outlines the relationship between the Prize and its winners. This formal acknowledgment ensures both parties benefit from the collaboration, enhancing the project’s visibility and impact.
  •  The Prize fund is intended to support the sustainability program or solution detailed in the submission. Winners have the flexibility to allocate these funds towards the continuation of their existing project or to explore new sustainability ideas, provided these plans are discussed and agreed upon in advance with the Prize administration.
  •  For winners in the Global High Schools category, the Prize fund must be used to implement the proposed project as outlined in their proposal. This ensures that the funds directly contribute to the realization of sustainability projects, fostering innovation and sustainability practices among the youth

Eligible Regions:

  • The Americas
  • Europe & Central Asia
  • South Asia
  • East Asia & Pacific
  • The Middle East & North Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • South Asia
  • East Asia & Pacific

Eligibility Criteria of Zayed Sustainability Prize 2024:

For all categories of the ZSP competition including Health, Food, Energy, Water, Climate Action, and the Global High Schools category, here is a generalized set of eligibility criteria presented in bullet form:

  • Innovation (40%): The solution must be novel or a significant improvement on existing solutions, demonstrating a unique value proposition. It should be both technically and commercially viable and adopted by the market.
  • Impact (30%): There must be a demonstrable positive impact on the quality of life, addressing key social, economic, technological, and/or environmental challenges. Organizations should show resilience to potential challenges, have good governance, skilled personnel, fair policies, and a detailed plan for utilizing the Prize money to enhance their impact.
  • Inspiration (30%): Solutions should embody the core values of sustainability and human development, mirroring Sheikh Zayed’s legacy. They should inspire further sustainable and human development actions and influence the community to adopt sustainable behaviors.

These criteria aim to ensure that the projects and initiatives recognized by the Prize not only address pressing global challenges but also inspire a broader movement toward sustainability and human development

How to Apply For the Zayed Sustainability Prize 2024?

  • Applicants must use the online submission portal accessible through the Zayed Sustainability Prize website’s homepage.
  • There are no fees required as part of the submission process.
  • Entries can be submitted in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese (Mandarin).
  • The submission window for the 2023 Prize opened on December 20, 2023, and will close on June 23, 2024. Entries outside this timeframe will not be accepted.
  • The portal allows you to save your progress and return to complete or update your submission later. However, once the submission is officially made, no further changes can be made.
  • If you need to modify your application after submitting it but before the deadline, you must contact for assistance.
  • All submissions will receive an acknowledgment of receipt, but detailed feedback will only be provided if the submission does not progress for further evaluation.
  • Organizations or high schools can submit entries for up to three years, but previous winners are ineligible to apply again in any category. Each applicant can only enter one category.

Zayed Sustainability Prize Deadline:

  • All interested candidates can apply on 23 June 2024 at 5:00 PM EST.

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