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Do you want to meet the world’s best scholars on one of the renowned intellectual forums? China has arranged a Yenching Global Symposium Conference for cultivating the new productive future generation of the globe. The YGS Conference 2022 provides career-driven lectures, informative panel discussions, and progressive interactive sessions. The conference aims to attract the dominant Chinese and eloquent foreign speakers around the globe to speak on this leading forum. The speakers from different disciplines share their opinions about the subject and answer the audience’s queries in a well-defined manner. These professional experts and scholars play a vital role in transforming the lives of future generations. Hundreds of students come to China every year to learn about the Chinese works and their research, which led them to the second emerging economy of the world now. You will be awarded the certificate after the whole conference.

Attending a Yenching Academy conference in 2022 is the best opportunity that should not be ignored. Due to the ever-increasing number of applications in recent years, it has become one of the most competitive educational conferences in the Asian continent. People hailed from 47 countries to meet and gain knowledge from the Yenching scholars and researchers to establish the network of interdisciplinary meet up of the world’s leading personalities. This platform aims to facilitate the young leaders, practitioners, and scholars with the keen observation and constructive dialogue building on China. The free online conference will help the participants get exploratory knowledge about the things happening in China. Moreover, people will be aware of the facts to overcome the salient challenges of their nations and the world.

The 2022 Yenching Global Symposium (YGS) will be held under the Yenching Academy of Peking University. Moreover, the solutions of every problem are here regarding how to raise the taxes in a sustainable way, how to build a healthy environment that is free of pollution and other calamities, how to form resilient societies, how to ensure justice in the systems, and how the nations can balance all spheres including political, social, economic and other. Globalization is threatening nationalism, so here is the need to create a balance so that the sovereignty of the nations would not hurt anymore. This platform will assist you all to counter the arising challenges in a best-desired way. This conference will be a worthy addition to your profession and will help you learn a lot about applying your current knowledge as per the ways of the developed nations.

This online flagship event of the Yenching Academy intends to explore the global issues confronting China and the whole world. People gather and gain practical insights with real international examples to resolve the problems identified. The leaders joining hands in this forum are trustworthy guides for future generations who teach them the spirit of mind storming and help them gain the confidence necessary for acquiring the status of an effective leader. In the era of COVID-19, multiple other issues, including high inflation, climate change, cultural movements, high petrol rates, fuel prices, and many more, had shaken the globe. This had made the world think of such effective and efficient solutions to the problems that would be beneficial for all continents because the spillover of the one factor has gradually eroded the other continents.

YGS Conference by Yenching Academy, China 2022:

Host Country:

  • China

Host University:

  • Peking University.

Conference Duration:

  • The duration for The Yenching Global Symposium 2022  is between April 8th, 2022, and April 10th, 2022.
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Benefits of the YGS Conference in China 2022:

  • Candidates will receive the certificate of completion.
  • Candidates are provided with an opportunity to learn about China and its environment.
  • Candidates will be getting knowledge about the identification and resolution of salient global issues.
  • Candidates are provided with the opportunity to engage in a constructive dialogue building on global issues.
  • Candidates will be given the opportunity to interact with the world’s best scholars.
  • Candidates will be given the opportunity to learn from experienced practitioners and apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

Eligibility Criteria of the Yenching Global Symposium 2022:

  • All graduates and young professionals can apply.
  • People from all regions can apply.
  • The minimum qualification is to have a Bachelor’s degree.
  • You should be born after January 1991.
  • English proficiency is required.
  • You should be committed to attending the entire symposium.
  • Participants having involvement in China-related activities are preferred.
  • You should not have attended any other Yenching forum or symposium before.

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How to Apply for the YGS Conference 2022?

  • The applicants have to apply online through the official website.
  • You will be asked to sign up yourself first.
  • Carefully read and complete all the sections of the application form.
  • First, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and expectations.
  • Fill in the personal information carefully.
  • Contact details should be accurately provided.
  • Complete educational details should be provided.
  • The professional background should be accurately filled in.
  • Ensure to upload your detailed CV.
  • Proof of language certificate, if required.
  • You need to answer the short essay questions. Each response should be of a maximum of 250 words and a minimum of 50 words. The answers should be free of plagiarism.
  • Make sure to complete the application form carefully.
  • After the submission of your application, you will receive an email. 

Selection Criteria for The Yenching Global Symposium Conference 2022:

  • Excellent academic record.
  • Distinguished area of interest.
  • Motivation for the conference.
  • Enthusiasm to do something unique. 

Documents Required for the YGS Conference 2022:

  • CV or Resume.
  • Complete the application form, along with other documents.

YGS Conference Deadline:

  • The application deadline is January 31st, 2022.

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