World Trade Organization Internship Programmes 2024 is one of the best internship opportunities for motivated, hardworking, brilliant, and energetic individuals across the world. This international internship opportunity welcomes postgraduates to join hands with the globally recognized organization to acquire practical work exposure in an advanced environmental setting. The WTO internship will help you refine your academic knowledge and develop your skills to be able to get a job of your interest.

The internship at WTO will help you respect diverse cultures and unite as a team. Thus, working for the development of nations through providing viable solutions to trade constraints. The WTO internships will help you understand the WTO and its trade policies more understandably. The different areas of specialization are offered under these internship programs including finance, human resources, administration, IT, communications, information management, trade laws and policy, economics, and many others.

Working under the top-ranked supervisors is executed under the renowned organization of the world, i.e., the World Trade Organization The organization is the only global organization that deals with the trade rules between nations. The world trading nations negotiate and sign off the agreements ratified in their parliaments. The organization aims to ensure that trade is conducted in a smooth, predictable, and free manner.

The paid internship for students in an international work environment is designed for post-graduate students who are looking for a career in their specific area of interest, offered by WTO. The organization derives most of its income from its annual budget, granted by the contributions of member countries. It also earns from rental fees as well as electronic and print publications. The WTO funds have been used for the activities, to provide technical cooperation and training to developing countries. Thus, enabling them to make better use of the WTO and dram maximum benefit out of the trading system.

World Trade Organization Internships Programmes 2024:

Host Organization:

  • WTO (World Trade Organization).

Program Level:

  • Internship

Internship Areas:

  • Finance.
  • Human Resources.
  • Language services.
  • IT and communications.
  • Trade law.
  • Economics
  • Administration
  • Statistics
  • Information Management and others.

WTO Internship Program Duration:

  • The duration of the World Trade Organization Internship for international students 2024 is a of maximum 6 months.

Benefits of the World Trade Organization Internship Programmes 2024:

  • Daily Stipend of CHF 60.
  • Subject knowledge will be increased while working in a real-life environment.
  • International exposure will be given.
  • World trade procedures across the countries will be easily understandable.

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Eligibility Criteria of the World Trade Organization Internship Programmes 2024:

  • Should be of age between 21 years to 30 years.
  • Can be a national of a WTO member state.
  • Can be a national of a state country or territory, that is engaged in accession negotiations.
  • Should have completed undergraduate studies in a relevant discipline.
  • Should have completed a minimum of one year of post-graduation.

How to Apply for the World Trade Organization Internship Programmes 2024:

  • Students have to apply through the WTO job platform.
  • Candidates will be selected from the roster.
  • Select the area of your interest.
  • Ensure to provide the supporting documents, mentioned in the application form.
  • Complete your application carefully and submit it.

WTO Internship Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the World Trade Organization Internship Programmes 2023 is not mentioned yet. Hurry up! And apply quickly.

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