UNV Online Volunteering Opportunities promote peace and sustainable development by utilizing talented youth from around the world through this volunteer program. Through this United Nations Volunteers program, every single individual has a probable chance to make a difference in this world. In today’s critical times the UN volunteers are vitally supporting the mission of the United Nations in achieving a liveable future for the people of this world. As COVID-19 has jolted the whole world, the online volunteers are serving as prized possessions in overcoming the severe effects of the Corona Virus. 

United Nations inducts almost 12,000 volunteers every year and almost 60% of them are from developing countries. The work opportunity in United Nations gives the volunteers a high level of satisfaction as individuals can register themselves in any project and according to their own interests. This United National volunteers program is only for interested individuals but also for the organizations that are in alignment with the UN vision and mission. 

To work the United Nations is a project of learning in a diverse environment, Moreover, being a part of the world’s best organization enables the volunteers to transform their skills into practice reality in the best possible ways. Furthermore, this best volunteering opportunity brings passionate and skilled individuals in contact with other great and influential organizations of the entire world. The organizations can get the volunteer’s records and can make them part of the organization by just accessing them from their work at the UNV program. 

The contemporary world is a world of technology and so the dynamics of the volunteers are also changing with this changing world. In this program, the individuals and organizations are given the tasks which they complete by using online tools and with each other’s support without any physical barriers. The organization engages people from almost every walk of life either writers, graphic artists, educators, researchers, advocates, leaders, project developers, translators, and many more. The UNV online volunteering brings people from almost 181 countries of the world into a single pool of professionals where they can enhance their professional skills while fulfilling the given tasks by the United Nations. 

Host Organisation:

  • United Nations

Duration of the UN Online Volunteering:

  • Duration varies from one project to another.

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Benefits of the UN Volunteering Program:

  • Easy, Fast, and Safe
  • The volunteers do not have to travel to different places while fulfilling the given assignment.
  • The volunteers will get directly into the pool of professionals from where they can be noticed by the organizations of the world for their tasks.
  • There are numerous ways to volunteer, so the individuals can work according to their own desired and chosen tasks.
  • The service is free of charge.

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Eligibility Criteria of the UNV Online Volunteering Programme:

  • All national and international applicants can apply.
  • There is no age or gender or academic restrictions.
  • Online volunteering service is for all eligible partners.
  • The eligible partners are:
    • UN Entities
    • Government or other Public Institutions.
    • Civil Society Organization (CSO).

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How to Apply for UN Volunteer Program?

  • The participants have to get themselves registered online.
  • If you are applying individually you must select the option “Become a volunteer”.
  • If you are applying as an organization, select “Engage Volunteers”.
  • Provide all your information correctly because the UNV applications are accessed on the basis of information provided during registration.

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