Nature Community Summer Workcamp is a unique kind of opportunity to stay in Germany for free. In this fully-funded workshop in Europe, the participants will learn to engage themselves closely with nature and its protection. Moreover, in this Community summer work camp, the participants are highly encouraged to implement their unique ideas to beautify the premises in which they will be living. This fully-funded summer camp in Germany is a chance for the participants to judge their own social abilities while having an extensive interactive session with other participants in completing the given task.

Nature Community Summer Workcamp in Germany is self-explanatory because of its name. the participants will be participating as volunteers in this Europe based fully funded summer program. All the volunteers are given this pleasant opportunity to stay on the property of the host organization which is none other than the European Union as a whole and European Solidarity Corps specifically. This fully paid project by the European Union gives an inspiring experience to the volunteers coupled with a sense of empowerment.

There are numerous positive effects of the nature community workshop which include the development of the skills and competencies of the volunteers. These competencies are due to the extraordinary nature of this workshop. In workshop No1, there are 15 bungalows of the organization from the 70s, and the volunteers are required to do maximum renovation works. They are also being taught by experienced supervisors and personnel. The safety of the volunteers of this Nature Community Summer Camp is the priority of the organization. For this, they are also provided with all the safety measures like safety clothing.

There is a workshop No2 in this Nature summer workcamp which relates to the forest area. The organization covers the area of the forest 4 hectares. In order to protect nature and the forest, the participants of this fully-funded youth camp by the European Union are required to put their efforts into the maintenance of the green areas. In addition to this, they are also appreciated to upgrade the community forest area. The participants are fully supported to do the renovations and bring the best out of the property. Surely, this type of opportunity in Europe is rare and gives a life-long best experience to the participants.

Nature Community Summer Workcamp No.1 in Germany:

Host Country:

  • Germany
  • Workcamp Location:

St. Hubertusweg 1, 92539 Schönsee Germany

Summer Camp Duration:

  • 6 Weeks

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Benefits of the Nature Community Summer Workcamp in Germany:

  • The accommodation will be provided to the volunteers. They will share a room with one or two mates.
  • Three times meal will be provided.
  • There will be the availability of fruit, water, tea, and coffee throughout the day in the dining room.
  • The volunteers can use other rooms like living room, spa area or the playing room.
  • The facility of laundry will be available on daily basis.
  • Internet facility will be provided.
  • Shuttle service will be provided if it is needed.

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Eligibility Criteria of the Nature Community Summer Workcamp in Germany:

  • Young adults from the ages of 18-30 can apply.
  • The volunteer must be from the eligible countries of Europe.
  • There is no need for prior experience in this field is required.
  • Only a factor of motivation is enough to be eligible for this workshop.
  • No restriction of education level or type.
  • The candidate must have openness to environment-friendly practices.

How to Apply for the Nature Community Summer Workcamp in Germany?

  • The candidates have to apply online.
  • In order to check if you can apply for this project, you must first Sign In or Join the Corps.
  • Once it is sure that you are eligible, provide all the relevant details especially your contact details correctly.
  • Check all your application before submission.

Nature Community Summer Camp Application deadline:

  • The last date to apply for the camp is June 11, 2022.

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