METI Japan Internship Program 2021 is a program to facilitate interns from all over the globe to experience the innovation and competitiveness of Japanese companies. Under this Japanese internship opportunity, highly skilled overseas professionals are being hired who in return participate in strengthening the development of Japanese industry, especially small and medium-sized companies. METI Government of Japan Internship Program no only helps Japanese companies to get benefits from foreign talent but also provides the opportunity to the foreign skilled persons to work with the people of the developed and highly innovated country.

As the world has been closed in the wake of COVID-19, this year METI internship by the Government of Japan is an online internship program. The telework-type Japan internship 2021 does not involve in and out of the people. However, the aims of this virtual internship program are as high as those of the earlier ones. The aims of the METI international internship for foreign students include knowledge building process, building networks of skilled persons throughout the globe, and learning from foreign talent for their own good.

The internship opportunity has a lot of short-term and long-term benefits. For example, as a short-term benefit, by joining METI Japan online internship program 2021, the interns will have no need to leave their home country. They can connect to the host companies of Japan from the place where they currently locate. As long term-benefit, the international online internship in Japan will help the interns to grow into a world leader who can be capable enough to play an active role in Japan – the host country, in their own home country, and in the whole world through their learned skills.

The Japan Government Scholarship will be carried out in two different types; workplace type and home type. This is because of the shifting work methods due to coronavirus which has affected the whole world in every means. In this time online human resource management has become a norm. This online internship in Japanese companies is an initiative to promote and support small and medium-sized businesses where the hiring of global talent has not been sufficiently achieved. In addition, the Japan online program also aims to create intercultural awareness through seminars, movie articles, and web streaming, etc. The eligibility criteria are discussed below in detail. So, do not miss this amazing internship opportunity 2021 by Japan Government if you feel you are fulfilling all the requirements.

METI Japan Internship Program 2021:

Internship By:

  • Japan Government

Mode of Internship:

  • Online

Internship Location:

There are two courses of the internship according to which the interns to ensure their availability.

  • Course A: Internship in the Satellite Office. There are 12 locations for the Sattelite Office in 6 countries designated by the program office. The interns can choose to continue the online internship by going to one of the prescribed Sattelite Offices.
    • Vietnam(HCMC/Hanoi/Da Nang)
    • Thailand(Bangkok)
    • Indonesia(Jakarta)
    • Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur)
    • India(Delhi/ Gurgaon/Chennai/Bangalore)
    • Indonesia( Jakarta, Bandung)
    • Cambodia (Phnom Penh)
  • Course B: Work from home.

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Benefits of the Online Japan Internship 2021:

  • The Course A interns will get an allowance in their local currency that will be equivalent to the 40,000 Yen. The only requirement to get the allowance is the completion of the whole course.
  • The Course A interns will get internship insurance.
  • All the interns will get the facilities like PC, LAN and landline telephone.
  • Certificate of participation to the interns from the host company.

Eligibility Criteria of the METI Japan Internship Program 2021:

  • Highly skilled foreigners wh live outside Japan can apply.
  • Nationals of the OECD countries can apply.
  • Nationals of China are not eligible for this internship program.
  • The participants from the year 2016 to 2020 who have already taken this program in these years are not eligible to apply.
  • The applicants can be able to do the internship in the Sattelite office from Monday to Friday.
  • The applicants for the internship program must have level N3 or higher language proficiency in Japanese or English language.

Documents Required:

For the METI internship application process, the following documents are required.

  • Scanned copy of the passport that explains the citizenship of the required country.
  • Japanese language certificate or English proficiency certificate e.g. (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, CEFR, JLPT, etc.)
  • In case the applicants are students, they are required to submit a university enrollment certificate or graduation certificate and a letter of recommendation from the university or institution.
  • In the case of the company’s employee, a letter of recommendation from the company is required.
  • Photographs of the applicants are required during the selection process.

Application Process of METI Japan Internship Program 2021:

  • The application will be submitted online by using the prescribed registration form given on the program’s official website.
  • Selection will be confirmed after screening the documents and an interview of the applicant.
    • First interview language (Native, Japanese, English)
    • Secondary interview language (Japnese, English)

Application Deadline:

  • Course A: From 14 May 2021 to 30 June 2021.
  • Course B:  From 14 May 2021 to 31 August 2021. (Deadline Extended)

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