Call for applications for the Leadership Management & Conflict Resolution Certification in Cambridge, UK. The Global Peace Chain offers this unique certification program at, Cambridge University, UK. This unique one-week intensive course is open to emerging leaders from all over the world. It features expert-led classes, engaging group activities, and cultural exchanges to develop essential leadership skills and conflict resolution skills. No IELTS or TOEFL is required for the application process of the LCMR certification.

The Leadership Management & Conflict Resolution Certification will run from September 8th to 12th, 2024. Throughout the week, attendees will immerse themselves in leadership and conflict resolution, learning from experts through hands-on workshops. These sessions aim to teach effective leadership and dispute-resolution techniques, aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Beyond the educational aspect, the Global Peace Camp in the United Kingdom offers a platform for cultural understanding and global networking, fostering connections between leaders with diverse backgrounds. This holistic approach ensures that participants leave with a comprehensive set of skills and valuable international contacts.

As part of the Global Peace Chain’s commitment to fostering global peace and leadership skills, this program is a stepping stone for change-makers. The curriculum of the Cambridge certification is tailored to encourage innovative thinking and equip attendees with the tools necessary for effective leadership and resolving conflicts. Learn how to apply and become part of a global community striving for a better world.

Leadership Management & Conflict Resolution Certification, Cambridge:

Host Country:

  • United Kingdom

Host Organization:

  • Global Peace Chain

Leadership & Management Certification Program Location:

  • University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Benefits of the Leadership Management & Conflict Resolution Certification:

  • Learn how to lead and solve disagreements.
  • Take part in classes and workshops led by experts.
  • Meet and connect with leaders from different places.
  • Understand different cultures through exchange.
  • Work towards big goals like world peace.
  • Gain new skills for leading groups and projects.
  • Think of new ways to help the world.
  • Group activities
  • Awards & Certifications
  • Cultural Presentation
  • Gala Night

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No. of Seats: 15 Fully Funded, 25 Partial Funded, and 94 Self Funded:

  1. For fully funded participants, the program covers airfare, lodging, a peace passport, a certificate, meals (breakfast and lunch), a conference kit, and access to special events like the Cultural Evening Ceremony and Celebration Party.
  2. Partially funded participants receive lodging, a peace passport, a certificate, meals, a conference kit, and access to the same special events.
  3. Self-funded participants purchase a delegate package but still enjoy all the benefits, including the certificate, peace passport, conference kit, and special event access.

Eligibility Criteria of the Leadership Management & Conflict Resolution Certification:

  • Must be older than 16.
  • Should be a responsible and excited young leader.
  • Likely to take on leadership roles in the future.
  • Should have completed school education.
  • Involved in social or educational activities.
  • No need for English tests like IELTS/TOEFL to apply.
  • Open to employees, students, young activists, and leaders.

How to Apply for the Leadership Management & Conflict Resolution Certification:

  • To apply for the Leadership and Conflict Resolution course in Cambridge, press the “Apply Now” button and complete the form online.
  • Write about your life, including school and community work (300 words), share what you believe in,
  • Write a personal statement in the form.
  • Pay the application fee, and submit the form.

Leadership & Conflict Resolution Certification Deadline:

  • The last date to apply is May 15, 2024.

Apply Now Official Link

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