The Kectil Youth Leadership Program 2022 is an excellent opportunity for the youth of developing and least developed nations. The opportunity attracts the international and national young leaders to create a progressive change in their native countries. Thus high potential, talented, and passionate candidates who are eager to stimulate social advancements; desirous of becoming influential leaders; and vigorous to get international scholarships; are encouraged to apply for this program.  Moreover, the global leadership program demands young individuals to be eloquent English speakers and proficient computer literates before applying for this leadership program. Further, this program requires aspirants to have easy access to the computer and the internet.

This free international leadership program 2022 targets top-class international candidates from developing and least developed countries and nurtures them under top-ranked supervisors’ leadership to ensure successive developments worldwide. This online leadership program aims to provide free innovative leadership training to the young future leaders by providing them the platform to work collectively so that economic, social, cultural, religious, and other factors will not become a hurdle towards global development. This Kecticl program treats individuals as Kectil colleagues and demands they treat everyone with dignity and respect. Thus, this virtual leadership training provides a chance to the brightest minds to learn from the prime quality trainers and excel in their future.

The virtual training program is a globally recognized training program based on multiple modules. This program trains individuals regarding the key hot issues they face worldwide under highly qualified experts’ mentorship. This requires individuals to be a part of such community engagements aimed at bringing social developments. Students need to intensify their social networks through different social platforms so that potential youth can work with the principles of cooperation, collaboration, and unbiased approach so that a constructive dialogue can be put forward to address the critical global issues. Moreover, this globally recognized leadership program entails that participants comply with social ethics and represent themselves as role models of their respective communities. At the end of the training program, the certificate is awarded to the young participants.

The Web-Based Mentoring Program 2022 is based on the following goals: attracting, recognizing, and mentoring an intellectual stratum of young students from developing or least developed nations, having outstanding track record and potential to assist others; building a reliable and collaborative network of that youth without racial, gender, religious and cultural differences for the promotion of self-help to bring positive developments; and inculcating three key values of progression in youth such as hard work, commitment, and open-mindedness to diversity and inclusion. The Kectil online leadership program has been divided into three sections to achieve the goals mentioned above. These sections include a one-year web-based program; the Developing Youth Leadership Conference in Atlanta, United States; and the Alumni Network.

Kectil Youth Leadership Program 2022 with Certificate:

Sponsored By:

  • The Malmar Knowles Family Foundation

Program Duration:

  • The duration of the Kectil leadership program is 1 year.

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Benefits of the Kectil Youth Leadership Program 2022:

  • It is a globally extensive youth leadership program catering to highly enthusiastic youth from diverse communities.
  • The certificate is awarded to the participants after the completion of the training.
  • It provides candidates a chance to become influential team leaders and role models for their native countries.
  • It inculcates the spirit of cooperation and tolerance among the youth.

Eligibility Criteria of the Kectil Youth Leadership Program 2022:

  • The age of the candidates must be between 17 to 27 years.
  • The candidates must be belonging to developing and least developed nations.
  • The candidates must have a passion for securing the role of future leaders.
  • The candidates must be enthusiastic about bringing social uplift globally.
  • The candidate must be proficient in English.
  • The candidates must have access to computers.
  • Aspirants should have internet connectivity.

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How to Apply for the Kectil Youth Leadership Program 2022?

  • The applicants have to apply online through a detailed application form.
  • The applicants will receive a confirmatory submission after the complete submission of the application form.
  • Provide all your standard personal information, e.g., name, address, date of birth, religion, ethnicity, etc.
  • Candidates must upload a professional photo.
  • Complete all the required fields related to your education and previous teamwork experiences.
  • If the candidates have extra achievements, do not forget to provide them as it would be a plus point in the selection process.
  • Complete your application carefully and submit it.

Documents Required for the Kectil Program 2022?

  • A Letter of Motivation.
  • An agreement of compliance with the Kectil code.

Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the Kectil Youth Leadership Program 2022 is 15th November 2021.

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