University of Tokyo Summer Internship 2022 is s splendid opportunity for international students to learn from Japanese researchers and laboratories. The Japan summer internship 2022 is to provide first-hand research experience to well-organized and committed students from all over the world in the field of natural sciences and social sciences. The vast variety of research topics enable talented and academically brilliant students to find the area of research according to their own interests. In this UTokyo internship program in Kashiwa, the fellows have a wider room for growth and learning because they are being supervised by the best Japanese Researchers and work under their guidance.

The University of Tokyo is one of the leading research institutes of Japan as well as in the whole world. The university also has numerous prominent figures including the Prime Ministers, the Noble Laureates, astronauts, and field medalists. This is because of the Institute’s commitment to research and development. Moreover, the university is one of the top universities which receive the Japanese National Grant for Research. To stick with the mission of flourishing in research, there are multiple scholarships at the University of Tokyo. In this six-week, Japan summer internship the international students are assigned with the laboratories of their choice to complete their research projects. This helps them gain an unending experience of practical implementation of their work and also helps them to find loopholes.

Every year 20 undergraduates are given chance to come to Japan for free and continue their research initiatives in collaboration with the best labs and in the presence of world-class mentors. Besides this research work, there are many other activities in this paid summer internship such as field trips and cultural exchange activities. No doubt, Japan is famous for its rich culture and its traditions; this internship program is a forum where the international fellows indulge with Japanese culture and have an exquisite experience of diversity, cooperation, and the importance of values. During their free stay in Tokyo, Japan, and their involvement in Japanese social events which are being organized by the Summer Exchange Program organizers, the fellows get probable chances to meet influential people, industrialists, former alumni, and other high-ranked officials. This experience becomes very useful in the long run when the fellows actually start their professional careers.

This internship in Japan for international students 2022 is a fully organized internship program as the internship is divided into phases. The program is being divided into three phases: the first one is the orientation phase, the second one is the research phase, and the third one is the presentation phase. The students are given an orientation by the leading researchers and then the students complete their academic research process. Finally, the students are given chance to present their research by summarizing their findings. One more fantastic aspect of this international internship program in Tokyo is the Japanese language classes. Apart from the research and cultural exchange activities, the interns of this fully paid internship are taught the Japanese language which is an asset for them. Thus, if you fulfill the following eligibility requirements, do not miss the chance to fly to Japan for free.

Japan Summer Internship 2022 | UTokyo Internship

Host Country:

  • Japan

Internship By:

  • UTSIP Kashiwa

Number of Internships:

  • Approximately 20 interns

Host Laboratories:

Division of Biosciences

  • Computational Biology and Medical Sciences
  • Integrated Biosciences

Division of Trans-disciplinary Sciences

  •  Complexity Science and Engineering
  •  Advanced Materials Science
  •  Advanced Energy

Division of Environmental Studies

  • Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment
  • Socio-cultural Environmental Studies
  • International Studies
  • Graduate Program in Sustainability Science
  • Environment Systems
  • Human and Engineered Environment Studies

Internship Areas:

  • Information technology
  • International studies
  • Ocean Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Sustainability Science Studies
  • Materials Sciences
  • Biology
  • Advanced Energy.
  • Chemistry

Program Duration:

  • June 28 (Mon) to July 16 (Fri)

Benefits of the University of Tokyo Summer Internship 2022:

  • The participants will be provided with JPY 110,000
  • The participants will be given housing accommodation in the university dormitory.
  • There is a participation fee of JPY 50,000 which is to be paid on the first day of the internship. However, it can be waived if the participant applies for a fee waiver at the time of application submission. The status of the application and fee waiver will be sent at the same time to the participant.
  • The medical insurance of the participants will be covered by the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences.

Eligibility Criteria of the University of Tokyo Summer Internship in Japan:

  • The candidates must be undergraduate students and are enrolled outside Japan. They must not have completed their BA/BS degree at the time of the internship.
  • Also, the students who are considering continuing matriculation to graduate-level study from the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences or from other graduate schools at the University of Tokyo or any other Japanese institution can apply.
  • The participants must be able to attend all the activities of the UTSIP.

How to Apply for UTokyo Summer Internship in Japan 2022?

  • The candidates have to apply online through UTSIP online application system.
  • The applicants have to choose a professor or laboratory first from the given list of the host laboratories.
  • Once you have filled your online Application form, you will receive a verification email.
  • The URL, user name, and password will be sent in that verification email to proceed with the application.
  • Use the issued username and password to upload the required documents in the application form.
  • Try to submit the application week before the closing date, because on the closing day sometimes the server gets busier and makes inconvenience.

Required Documents for the University of Tokyo Internship 2022:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Copies of transcript
  • Recommendation letter (Can be sent directly by the professor or the supervisor)
  • Certificate of registration in the university
  • English proficiency certificate (Some applicants are exempt from this requirement, see details).
  • Copy of passport
  • Digital Picture

University of Tokyo Summer Internship 2022 Deadline:

Apply Now Official Link

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