Do you want to spend your summer with the world-leading researchers, if yes, then apply for Japan Summer Internship 2020 in Kashiwa?  This is a 6 weeks  Summer Internship Program at Tokyo, Japan. The summer research internship is open to non-japanese undergraduate students during the summer of 2020.  The selected candidates will get lectures from the world-leading researchers in Japan. The 2020 UTSIP Kashiwa will run from June 1 (Mon) to July 10 (Fri), 2020. 

The University of Tokyo Summer Internship Program in Japan in Kashiwa is established by the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at the University of Tokyo. This year 30 international internships will be awarded. International students from all over the world can apply for an internship in Japan. 

The aim of the international paid internship program is to expose to world-leading research activities in the field of natural science or social science. undergraduate students The UTSIP Kashiwa will provide scholarships and accommodations to all the selected students. Participants will also experience Japanese culture and world-leading Japanese technology through weekend events and a field trip. 

Japan Summer Internship 2020 Details:

Host Country:

  • Japan

Host University:

  • The University of Tokyo

Host School:

  • Graduate School of Frontier Sciences

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Internship Location:

  • Kashiwa

Host Laboratories:

The research departments accepting UTSIP students

Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences

  • Advanced Materials Science
  • Advanced Energy
  • Complexity Science and Engineering

Division of Biosciences

  • Integrated Biosciences
  • Computational Biology and Medical Sciences

Division of Environmental Studies

  • Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment
  • Environment Systems
  • Human and Engineered Environment Studies
  • Socio-cultural Environmental Studies
  • International Studies
  • Graduate Program in Sustainability Science

Internship Duration:

  • 6 Weeks

Internship Dates:

The Tokyo University Internship will run from June 1 (Mon) to July 10 (Fri), 2020.

  • First week: Orientation, lectures by leading researchers at GSFS, Japanese classes, half-day excursion, and Welcome Party
  • Remaining weeks: Participants will study under the guidance of their respective laboratories after developing a research proposal, and will gain first-hand experience in the academic research process.
  • Final day: Participants will make a presentation summarizing their research experience and the findings of their research project, followed by Farewell Party

Summer Internship Benefits:

UTSIP Kashiwa

  • provides hands-on research internship opportunities in the fields of natural sciences and social sciences.
  • offers lectures from world-leading researchers at GSFS.
  • is a six-week summer program for academically motivated undergraduate students.
  • provides scholarship and accommodations.

Financial Support:

UTokyo provides a UTSIP scholarship and accommodation to participants.

  • UTSIP scholarship amount:    JPY 110,000 (JPY 110,000 is enough for six weeks as they will also provide free accommodation.
  • UTSIP arranges and pays for the accommodation
  • Health insurance plan GSFS provides:
    • Death or Physical Disability benefits: 1 million yen
    • Medical Benefits: 1 million yen
    • Liability: 100 million yen

The airfare subsidy will not be paid to the participants in 2019. All travel expenses are the participant’s responsibility.

If you have applied or will apply for a different scholarship, please mention this on the Application page. Some past UTSIP participants received a stipend from the following organizations. Applicants are encouraged to apply financial aid.

  • Friends of UTokyo, Inc. (FUTI)
  • MIT-Japan program
  • Honda Foundation
  • UCLA Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies (from 2018)


If the country of your nationality and Japan have concluded a Visa Exemption Agreement, then you can enter Japan without a visa. Please check this website of 66 countries with which Japan has such an Agreement.

If the country of your nationality and Japan do NOT have a Visa Exemption Agreement, you require a visa in order to enter Japan. The UTSIP Office will issue the necessary documents that you need to apply for a short-term stay visa.

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Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Participants must be in their undergraduate program at an overseas college or university throughout the entire duration of the UTSIP program, and will not have completed their BA/BS degree.
  2. Participants are considering to matriculate graduate-level study at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences or other graduate schools at The University of Tokyo, or elsewhere in Japan
  3. Participants are required to participate in all activities including classes, laboratory work, and special events organized by UTSIP.

Required Documents:

Please prepare the UTSIP 2020 application materials described below well in advance; upload in PDF or JPEG format.

Cover letter

Answer the following two questions within 500 to 700 words in total:

  1. Why did you choose the laboratory that you did, and what do you hope to acquire from the UTSIP experience? Be specific.
  2. Describe how qualified you believe you are to conduct for a research project in the laboratory you have chosen. Explain how you believe your experience and skills will enable you to successfully carry out a project.

Curriculum vitae

Form free (paper size A4, 2-3 pages)

  • If you have participated in projects, please describe these experiences in detail. If you have participated in a research project related to the project you would like to conduct in UTSIP, please include this.

Copy of your transcript

  • The transcript should cover all the courses of your undergraduate level study up to the most recent completed academic period of study and must be written in English or Japanese.

Recommendation letter

A recommendation letter should be written by someone who knows your current study well. For example a professor at your current university, a supervisor at your previous research internship.

Download the form of Recommendation letter from【here (MSWord/PDF】. We also accept a free format recommendation letter.

Your supervisor or professor can send a recommendation letter directly to us via e-mail (to: . The e-mail title must be ‘UTSIP 2019 Recommendation letter for NAME OF APPLICANT’. In such cases, applicants are not informed of the content of the letter.

Certificate of Registration

  • This certificate verifies that you are actually a registered student at your university. There is no specific format for this. Your name, name of your university and faculty, year and month of entry will be checked.

Certificate of English proficiency

  • TOEFL (iBT, PBT), IELTS, or TOEIC score sheet. The most recent score report should be submitted.

The following applicants are exempted from submitting a TOEFL or IELTS score report:

  • Applicants who are nationals of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States.
  • Applicants who are students at a university in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States.
  • Applicants who are a student at a university where English is the official language.

In case (3), applicants should upload an official document issued by the university attesting to the language of education being English at the time of application.

Copy of your passport

  • Page with your picture (if you have one).If you do not have a passport, submit an alternative ID with your name, photo, and date of birth.
  • Successful applicants who have not submitted a passport at the time of application must submit the page by late April 2020.

Picture in digital data

  • Upper body, plain single-color background, taken within the last three months

How to Apply for Japan Summer Internship 2019?

Step 1:      Choose Program 

Step 2:      Choose a professor/laboratory to work in from the host laboratory list

Step 3:      Apply through the UTSIP online application system. Click on the Apply Now button below to proceed to Japan internship online application form.

Application Deadline:

  • The last date to apply for Japan Summer Internship 2019 is February 3 (Monday), 2020 by 17:00 Japan time. 

After the due date, the online application website will become inaccessible. Until the due date, applicants can access the website anytime and change your application materials if necessary.

Selection Results:

Successful participants will be decided through a comprehensive assessment of all submitted application materials. All participants will receive e-mail notification of the result of assessment as well as the result of participation fee waiver sometime between March 2 and March 5, 2020.