Writing an Effective CV is very important. In this article, you will learn how to make an effective Curriculum Vitae. Read carefully this article and follow all the steps mention in this article.

What’s a CV? CV, known as Curriculum Vitae is a detailed profile of a person that includes the basic information, qualification, achievements, skills, and work experience. It plays a vital role in the selection of a candidate for a position in a firm. It reflects a person professionally as well as personally.

Why designing a Professional CV is crucial?

Before meeting a recruiter, your CV is the only way to communicate directly to him. Your CV leaves an impression that makes a recruiter’s mind whether to meet you in person or not. A tailored CV is the best way to increase your chances of approaching the employer.

The following guidelines by Scholarships Corner would help you to make a customized CV according to your favorite place of Job or internship. Share with your friends and Good Luck!

Guidelines to Write an Effective CV:

  1. A candidate should include his official name, email, and address.
  2. A candidate should never use a personal pronoun i.e. ‘I’
  3. A candidate should never mention any irrelevant information like gender until and unless the application requires.
  4. A candidate should never add his or her picture that may cause any biasness until and unless the application requires.
  5.  A candidate should mention his or her practical achievements and skills. He or she shouldn’t include any experience if he doesn’t have an experience letter or certificate.
  6. A candidate should avoid complex vocabulary or flowery words. He should include simple language as the recruiter judge all these professional skills.
  7. A candidate should always include work experience and qualification from the latest to the oldest.
  8. A candidate should review the CV for any punctuation or grammatical mistakes
  9. A candidate should never add any reference until required.
  10. A candidate should add his or her contact number with an international country code +92-123-1234567
  11. A candidate should never add hobbies or interests in the effective CV. Don’t write about your hobbies and interests, they are not inviting you to friendship.
  1. A candidate should always design a CV according to the specific job, education, or internship requirements.
  2. A CV should be based on a single page but it can be 2 pages as well but should not be more than that as it takes too much time to review the application that recruiters don’t have.
  3. A candidate should design the relevant CV according to the employer’s requirements.
  4. A candidate should always use PDF format for emailing CVs and Cover Letters so that page settings wouldn’t be disturbed while printing.
  5. A candidate should review the CVs before applying for a specific job or place and look for the keywords according to that specific job requirement. For example, a clinical Dietician professional may have used words in job skills or traineeship such as, ‘counselor’, ‘assessment’, or anthropometric measurements.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at your grades or achievements, if you wouldn’t show professional write up in your CV your chances of selection will be quite low.

A CV must be a wholesome formula that shows your passion for work, interest in the firm, dedicated, and efficient in your field of interest. You will be assessed entirely by the recruiter from a page of the CV.

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