The HISA Impact Cruise 2024 is a unique youth forum that will take place on a cruise in three different countries. This marks the first-ever youth conference held on a cruise for 5 days. The HISA conference is scheduled from September 27 to October 1, 2024. The grand cruise will depart from Italy and sail towards Spain and France. This is a wonderful opportunity for participants to learn and exchange ideas with like-minded people from around the world and enjoy this unique journey.

HIC 2024 is open to applicants from all over the world. Applicants can be students, professionals, graduates, or from any background. To make this dream a reality, HISA is offering fully funded, partially funded, and self-funded seats. During these 5 days of this international conference on the cruise, participants will engage in various activities including seminars, group activities, workshops, cultural activities, presentations, and networking activities.

The HISA Impact Cruise 2024 not only offers an educational experience but also provides a platform for cultural immersion. As participants navigate the waters between Italy, Spain, and France, they will experience the distinct cultures of each country through organized tours and events. This enriching atmosphere is ideal for fostering international relationships and offers a broad perspective on global issues, making it a must-attend event for those looking to make a significant impact in their fields.

HISA Impact Curise 2024 | Journey through Italy, Spain, and France:

HIC Countries:

  • Italy, Spain, France

2024 HIC Youth Forum Duration:

  • 5- Days

2024 HISA Youth Impact Dates:

  • September 27 to October 1st, 2024.

HISA Youth Impact Dates Categories:

Fully Funded Seats: Application Fee: 16.5 USD

  • The application form is very simple and easy to fill.
  • Select the category you are interested in to apply.
  • Pay the fee and submit it as soon as possible.

2024 HIC Deadline:

  • The last date to apply is June 10, 2024.

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