Call for applications for the Young Public Diplomacy Summit Baku 2024. This youth summit brings together young, bright minds and emerging leaders for more than just an event; it’s a journey into diplomacy, peacebuilding, strategic communication, youth engagement, and partnerships. The YPDS 2024 will occur in Baku, Azerbaijan from March 1-3, 2024. This event does not require IELTS, TOEFL, or any other language test.

In the spirit of this dynamic exchange, the program is designed with modules to guide participants through the intricate paths of public diplomacy, peacebuilding, strategic communication, youth and civic engagement, and the transformative power of partnerships. The International Youth Forum 2024  is a great chance for young leaders to come under one roof share ideas and work together on those ideas.

This event is announced by the Center for Strategy and Cultural Diplomacy. The CSCD is a research and education group. The organization focuses on bringing young people from different cultures together through research and diplomacy. CSCD aims to promote harmony among cultures and create peace by appreciating our differences.

Baku, a city full of culture and innovation, sets the stage for us to shape our global future. Apply to this exciting journey of learning, working together, and finding inspiration. Their goal is to build a world where diplomacy and unity flourish. Together, all of us can make a brighter tomorrow, one that celebrates diversity and embraces collaboration. This is the program where your voice and ideas shape the future!

Young Public Diplomacy Summit 2024 in Baku, Azerbaijan:

Host Country:

  • Azerbaijan

Host Organization:

  • Center for Strategy and Cultural Diplomacy

YPS Location:

  • Baku

Young Public Summit 2024 Dates:

  • March 1-3, 2024

Modules of the Baku Summit 2024:

  • Module 1: Public Diplomacy in 21st Century
  • Module 2: Strategic Planning for Peacebuilding
  • Module 3: Strategic Media and Intercultural Communication
  • Module 4: Youth Leadership and Advocacy in Cultural Diplomacy
  • Module 5: Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Third-Sector
  • Module 6: Climate Diplomacy and COP29
  • Module 7: From Vienna Convention to Berne Convention

Benefits of the Young Public Diplomacy Summit Baku 2024:

  • Full Scholarship (1 Seat): The top candidate will receive an air ticket, accommodation, access to the conference, sightseeing opportunities, attendance at the networking dinner, and all other incentives planned by the organization
  • Funded: 5 candidates will receive accommodation, access to the conference, opportunities for sightseeing, participation in the networking dinner, and access to all the incentives organized by the event
  • Partially Funded: 15 Candidates with partial funding will enjoy all the summit’s benefits along with a generous 50% fee waiver.
  • Networking: Connect with people who share your interests, experienced diplomats, and young leaders from diverse backgrounds.
  • Personal Growth: Discover how you can contribute to peace and diplomacy while experiencing personal growth.
  • Certification: Receive a certificate upon completion to boost your resume.
  • Skills: Develop your diplomatic, leadership, communication, and intercultural skills.

Eligibility Criteria of the Young Public Diplomacy Summit in Baku 2024:

  • Age between 16 – 40 years.
  • Applicants from all over the world can apply.
  • Artists, policymakers, creative directors, young activists, change-makers, students, and professionals in related fields are welcome to apply.
  • Candidates should have a strong interest in diplomacy, peacebuilding, or related fields.
  • Applicants should demonstrate a genuine commitment to intercultural understanding and collaboration.
  • Pay the application fee.

Check Become a Certified Human Rights Consultant

How to Apply for the Young Public Diplomacy Summit in Azerbaijan:

  • Visit the official website by clicking on the apply now or the official button given below:
  • Read the information thoroughly before starting the application.
  • Fill all the required fields properly,
  • Don’t leave blanks,
  • You will need to upload the following documents:
    • Passport
    • Your Profile
    • Payment Receipt
  • You need to write a 300-word biography.
  • Submit your application on time.

CSCD Summit Application Deadline:

  • The deadline has been extended to January 31, 2024.

Apply Now Official Link

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