UNAOC Fellowship Program 2022 is a remarkable opportunity for the participants good at speaking, have the potential to drive the challenges, and motivation to learn and achieve their career objectives. Applicants belonging to different parts of the world are encouraged to take part in this fully-funded fellowship that is believed to change their careers. Have an interest in intercultural exchanges and cooperation while tackling all kinds of discriminatory approaches and stereotypes among communities and people? This is the right forum where you can work for peacebuilding and conflict resolution worldwide. People meeting the eligibility criteria in all aspects should not drop this amazing chance to travel and learn together.

You will get the incredible opportunity to work with an international organization and develop your professional knowledge about your area of interest. This United Nations fellowship aims to counter racial and other discriminations with the passion to build diversified pluralistic societies around the globe. Moreover, you will be observing the root causes of the challenges faced by the societies that have created polarization among them. Considering the pandemic of COVID-19, followed by the prevailing rise of discrimination against multiple groups, the vulnerable population has been targeted terribly. Moreover, the rising trend of intolerance, xenophobia and hate speeches have posed a mammoth threat to international peace and security. Therefore, working with this peace-making organization will help pave the way toward social prosperity.

The fully-funded international fellowship opportunity intends to fulfill the objective of the Charter of the United Nations that believes in a promising future of peace. Further, the sustainable development goals are also getting targeted through the different forms of discrimination and racism. Thus, affecting all spheres of life in a miserable way. This UN fellowship program is one of the contributory platforms to bridge the gaps across different nations, borders, cultures, and beliefs. Being a fellow of the UNAOC program, you will be getting the hands-on experience to tackle the social and cultural challenges that had disturbed the roots of peace and security and every other nation and citizens are pursuing their efforts for their own vested interests over the mutual global interest.

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations fellowship 2022 will provide the people from EUNA and MENA, the chance to travel to the selected countries in form of a united group. Thus, observing the core needs of the people and carving out the plans to overcome the discrimination that occurs in their societies. Learning of constructing effective dialogue will be very helpful to prevent social conflict and build social cohesion, peace, security, and stability around the globe. With the help of comprehension tools, given to the participants, they will be able to understand the complexity and plurality of their surroundings and be able to have a wide grip on the culture, politics, societies, religion, media, and other factors of their host nations.

UNAOC Fellowship Programme 2022:

Host/Visited Country:

  • UNAOC associated countries.

Host Organization:

  • UNAOC (United Nations Alliance of Civilizations).

Benefits of the UNAOC Fellowship Programme 2022:

  • Eloquence in speech.
  • Religious and cultural tolerance among people.
  • Social networking will be strong.
  • Ability to produce solutions that are logical and reasoning-based.
  • Subject knowledge will be enhanced.

Eligibility Criteria of the UNAOC Fellowship Programme 2022:

  • Applicants must belong to Europe, North America, the Middle East, and North Africa regions.
  • Should be between 25 to 35 years old.
  • Born between January 01, 1987, and December 31, 1997.
  • Be proficient in English.
  • Experience in the fields related to peace-building, conflict prevention, and tackling discrimination and racism.
  • Knowledge about the UN and its global agenda.
  • Passport validity should be 6 months beyond September 2022.
  • Must not be engaged with any of the UNAOC programmes before.

How to Apply for the UNAOC Fellowship Programme 2022:

  • Students have to apply through the official website of UNAOC.
  • Apply as a MENA or EUNA candidate.
  • Register and create your account.
  • Log in to your account and fill in the application form.
  • Ensure to fill up the required fields.
  • Complete your application form carefully and submit it.

Selection Criteria for the United Nations Fellowship Programme 2022:

  • Ability to shape opinions.
  • Able to develop solutions based on concrete ideas.
  • Able to take initiative.
  • Professional accomplishments in related fields.
  • The jury’s decision will be based on a gender-balanced, professional balanced, and geographically balanced approach. 

Documents required for the UN Fellowship Programme 2022:

  • Transcripts
  • Passport
  • Resume in English.

UNAOC Fellowship Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for this fellowship is till June 05, 2022.

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