The Talented Young Scientist Program China encourage young motivated and talented young scientist, researchers and scholars from Afro-Asian countries to work in Chinese research institutes, universities or enterprises.  TYSP run by china science and technology exchange centre (CSTEC),

Young Scientist Program China details:

Requirements for Applicants:

  • Can work full time in China
  • Age limit is 45
  • For Korean scientist, age limit is 40
  • Good in health
  • undertake to follow laws, regulations in China
  • Must be fluent in English or Chinese
  • Five years of research experience or with a doctoral degree (for Korean scientists, a doctoral degree is required)
  • Foreign citizens holding the nationality of Afro-Asian countries

Financial Support:
RMB ¥12500 per month will be provided to each scientist for health insurance, accommodation, food and other living expenditure.
For now there’s no deadline. Scientists can apply at any time
For an application process and other useful information, visit the Official website.
Also visit Higher Education Commission Paksitan
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