Applications are invited for the funded World Meet Summit Programme 2018 in USA and Australia. The World Meet submit 2018 is a two piece summit in New York, USA and Sydney, Australia. This flagship summit will be the first FULLY FUNDED program to bring together youth from every single country in the world. During the summit, Participants will engage in a cross cultural dialogues and learn about the world from a unique perspective. The two piece week long summit will include training sessions, networking, mentor sessions and workshops. The aim is to empower the youth to get involved in the creation and enforcement of social, economic, political and environmental change.

After the World Meet summit, the participants will be part of the World meet fellowship, a network which will make available resources in the form of grants, scholarships and internships to youth for them to be forces of change in their various communities.

Host Countries:
  • United States of America (USA) & Australia 
Conference Locations:
  • New York, USA and Sydney Australia
Conference Duration:
  • 9 days in New York, USA and 8 days in Sydney Australia
Conference Dates:
  • Conferences for 2018 will take place on 20th Aug, 2018 to 28 Aug , 2018 in New York and 2nd Nov, 2018 to 9th Nov, 2018 in Sydney sponsored by RBS, CG, GS and BAML

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Financial Support:

The program will cover the following expenses

    • Visa fee to the USA and Australia if needed by participant.
    • Economy flight ticket to and from New York City and Sydney
    • Travel insurance
    • Accommodation and feeding during summits
    • Stipend of $150 per day during the summit period.

Note: The application fee is 50 US dollars. 

Eligibility Criteria:
  • World Meet Summit Participant have to be between the ages of 18 to 35
  • Participants have to demonstrate a level of interest or participation in social, political, economic or environmental issues in the communities.
  • Participants should be willing to share their ideas and knowledge to their peers
  • World Meet Summit aims to attract youth from all works of life
  • The World Meet Summit want to bring together all youth from all countries. So all youth worldwide are invited to apply.

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How to Apply:

In order to apply for the world Meet summit, you will need to fill out an online application form which can be found HERE. There is also a $50 application administration fee ( the fee is less than 1% of the cost of bringing a participant to the summit). We suggest you prepare your application form offline as our online form doesn’t have a SAVE WORK feature. Ensure you understand the scope and depth of the opportunity by reading to our FAQ and information on the site. Make sure you do pay your application fee as application forms without payment details will be automatically disqualified.

Application Deadline:
  • 28th July, 2018









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