Now Applicants from Pakistan have a chance to win a scholarship for Turkish Summer School and Learn Turkish in Turkey. StartinForum is the International Consulting Company which develops programs and activities with an aim to bring together ideas and initiatives to enhance the quality of education, facilitate intercultural dialogue and unite communities for making education more accessible, and applicable for solving real life problems.

They believe that by joining efforts of all education stakeholders and opening borders for intercultural communication, exchange and collaboration we will improve the quality of life, provide opportunities for creative self-realization and raise intercultural and interpersonal awareness together with the adaptability to the challenges of life and employment market.

Due to  numerous applications, high interest and requests from the citizens of Pakistan to join the Turkish Summer Program and realizing difficult financial status of the applicants scholarships for the applicants from Pakistan will be offered.

Host Country:
  • Turkey
Host Organisation:
  • StartinForum 
Program Duration:
  • The duration of the program is 14 days including the days of arrival and departure. During the Turkish Summer School the applicants will learn Turkish with the native Turkish teachers in small groups up to 10 people in class.
Program Sessions:

The Turkish Summer School is organised for the groups in 4 sessions.

I   –   June – 24.06.2018 – 07.07.2018

II  –  July – 15.07.2018 – 28.07.2018

III  – August – 12.08.2018 – 25.08.2018

IV  –  September – 2.09.2018 – 15.09.2018

You are invited to choose the month and apply to one of the sessions to learn Turkish and explore Turkey!

Scholarship Value:
  • The scholarship covers tuition and accommodation with the meals included. The transfer from the airport to the destination of the Summer School is going to be on the organizers of the program.
  • Those who have applied to the program but are not selected for the full scholarship can be considered for partial scholarship or cover the expenses of the program by their own costs 

Note: The travelling from Pakistan to Turkey and back are on the applicants.

Eligibility Criteria:

Selection for scholarships will be done on the following criteria:

  • Providing papers about current employment (Letter from the organisation where you are working) and educational status (Transcript)
  • Outstanding academic and personal achievements (certifications provided);
  • Outstanding personal traits, strong determination for future career development, open-mindedness, openness for international collaboration etc (essay exemplifying the previous experience, achievements and plans for future);
  • The payment of the registration fee 48 US dollar required for dealing with the administrative issues and processing the application;
  • Personal photo;
  • Must be 18 years old or above

For more information about this program, Please visit the official website.

How to Apply:

All the required documents must be collected and sent to and additionally fill the online application form. 

If you have any queries about the Turkish Summer School, Please send us an email at

Application Deadline:
  • The registration for each session closes two weeks before the date of the program start!


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