Ayub Ensari | Shawnee State University Fall 2013

Verily, after hardship comes ease. Quran [94:5].
I never consider myself to be worthy of writing something like this, a success story. I just a humble person with great luck. I would never have done it, if Fawad, a good friend and an excellent human being, hadn’t forced me to. I came to know him on my exchange semester in USA and I appreciate his effort and struggles for this group.
I have done my bachelor’s in computer science from FAST-NU and currently doing my master in “Big Data Science and Technology” from the University of Bradford UK. I have got a fully funded scholarship worth around 25000 GBP.
The Bestway Scholarship foundation started by a Pakistani Business man, Sir Anwar, the owner of bestway foundation. Under this scholarship five students from Pakistan got the chance to study one year master degree in University of Bradford. I will share the link and other supporting details in the link below. The good news is that now the University of Kent has also started the same scholarship so in total ten students can avail this opportunity.
The criteria for the successful application is pretty much the same. Excellent academic achievements, work experience, IELTS, Financial problems and your vision/future goals. The good perhaps the best thing about this scholarship is that there is no bond. You can do pretty much anything you like to.
My advice, although too young for this, is to follow your heart and never quit on your dreams. I had put two years until I get this opportunity. So, I can pretty much understand your frustrations and anxiety. It’s not always the absence of things that creates problems. Sometimes it’s the things you possess becomes a big hurdle in your way. It could either be a well-paid job, a promising career or may be some personal family commitments. My suggestion to you is to follow your heart and do the things that makes you happy. Make memories not regrets for your old age. Life is short so make the most out of it. And don’t spend a single moment in chasing a dream that’s not yours. Have faith in yourself and do not quit on your dreams.