Must read this Story of Young and Energetic Danish Khan who has done a lot of this his community in his young age and is still doing it.

“Being ahead of all is not success; assisting others to go ahead is the true success.

                                                                                                                                                   (Danish Khan)

Today, when the teenagers are busy playing games or studying for their exams, Danish, along with his studies, is busy giving back to his community in such an early age; teaching kids from Grade 6th to 10th.

Danish Khan, an 18 years old teenager, Founder Act Youth Force and a bachelor student at LUMS is an inspiration to all the youngsters in Pakistan. His routine these days is a testimony of his unique and inspiring nature. He is teaching, but not like a typical or traditional teacher, at three schools regularly at the moment. His day starts at six in the morning as he has his first class at seven in the morning in The Trust School and then he goes to his university. In between his classes, he goes to another school named Harsukh which is 18 kilometers away from his university to teach a basic computer course from 01:30pm to 03:30pm. He comes back to attend other lectures in the university. The story doesn’t end here, Danish’s weekends are spent at these schools as well along with Allied School Paragon where he, along with his team, is running a project named as Justajoo-e-Ilm. The story doesn’t even end here, Danish loves to write in Urdu, he makes inspiring videos where he shares his thoughts about simple and basic ideas which our society has forgotten and along with all these, he is seen as an active team member of different societies at his university.

The story begins from 2014, when he was 14 years old. Since then, he has been part of different international, national and local organizations and he has worked in different fields from Peace Building to Education. Listing down the names of all these organizations is not possible but listing down Danish’s success story is important. The work he is doing, the journey and his ideas which made a significant impact and made him what he is today are all worthy enough to be shared and learnt from.

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Like all other children out there, he was told that he has to become a doctor or an engineer. And he worked hard to achieve the goals which were set by the society for him. But unlike everyone out there, he soon realized that something was missing, that his life was much more than just formal studies; that he has to do something extraordinary and beneficial for the society. While exploring the true meaning of life, he went into the community and social service. He believes, “If one has the passion to serve humanity, he has everything to be successful in every field of life.”

After representing Pakistan in an international camp in 2015 hosted by Seeds of Peace in U.S.A., he realized that this is what he was looking for. He was happy to discover his passion which was soon to be translated into a talent of motivating others, with his words and actions, to follow their passion and live a meaningful life. He discovered himself and hence found the biggest treasure inside. Soon, as he came back from U.S.A., he started his Facebook campaign with the name True Education (visit: in 2015. He made a video and spoke for about eight minutes about his ideas of how education system should work. This went up to four thousand and five hundred hits with just one hundred and thirteen likes on the page. This was the time when he decided to work more on it. In between deciding what to start next, he got selected for an Advanced Leadership Program in Cyprus by Seeds of Peace in August, 2016. At Cyprus, he decided to start his own youth group and kept on planning about it. He founded Act Youth Force in February, 2017

Danish’s organization, Act Youth Force is a youth group of energetic youngsters who want to bring a change in the society (Visit: Community service is his life and you will find him everywhere you see the true essence of community service. His team is working in five different capacities to make a change. With their blogs, video making and on ground projects, content development and social media, they are inspiring the people around. In last one year, Act Youth Force managed to impact over 2000 people and reached over 500 students in different schools across Lahore with their projects.

Life is not easy for anyone. Neither was it for him. He faced opposition from his own family. When told that he was ruining my career, he replied, “I am making one. I believe in creating my own unique career.” Being a high scorer in school, his family feared that extra-curricular activities might affect his grades. But he kept on doing them as he always said that grades couldn’t define him. In fact, his idea of education is way beyond these marks and grades. He believes, “Education is an art of self-knowing and self-exploring.” Danish always encourages students to explore themselves and do what their heart desires.

He took all the discouragements as prime encouragement and devoted himself for the welfare of the others. When he was threatened about the possible hurdles that he could face, he told people: “The only hurdle is the one that exists here, in our minds and I abolished it long time ago. The apparent hurdles are actually the points which are set for me by Allah to learn and gain experience.”

His story was published by Faida Foundation in their book named as “50 Social Geniuses of Pakistan” last year. He does not accept any material reward for all his services. He says:  “I have got the biggest reward; the reward of being self-satisfied and being happy. And I find it in serving and living for others. Hence, I do not accept any award for my services”



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