If you are under 40 years old, carrying out the great work of transforming the lives of socially excluded people in your community—for example, street children, disabled persons, albinos, and in some societies, twins— in Africa, The Social Inclusion Heroes (SIH) would like to hear your story.
Selection Criteria:
Stories will be judged on four points:

  • (a) clarity
  • (b) the quality of information provided
  • (c) the relevance of the activity regarding social inclusion
  • and (d) the results.
Writer of the winning story

  • May become one of the Social Inclusion Heroes,
  • Could win a trip to Washington, D.C., and other prizes.
To apply for the competition the participant has to be:

  • Aged 40 or under on December 1, 2017
  • Living in a sub-Saharan country where the World Bank has an office

However, World Bank Group staff and their dependents cannot participate.

Eligible Regions: Open For All Sub-Saharan Countries

Submission of Story:
Format: Submit your story in only one of the following formats:

  • (a) a written essay, preferably as a Microsoft Word file attachment, not exceeding 700 words ; or
  • (b) a 3 minute video, uploaded to YouTube, with the link shared in your mail ; or
  • (c) a 3 minute audio recording in mp3 format. Longer submissions will be disqualified.

Mandatory accompanying documents. Your submission must be accompanied by these three documents:

  • (a) one photo portrait of you in high resolution,
  • (b) one photo illustrating the activity mentioned in the story, and
  • (c) a page mentioning your name, date of birth, phone number, email address, and name of your organization (if any).

Submission deadline. December 15, 2017. Late submissions will be disqualified automatically
Language. The story must be in one of these three languages: English, French, or Portuguese.