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Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2020 at University of Debrecen [Fully Funded]


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The University of Debrecen is now accepting applications for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2020. The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship program is one of the most competitive and best international scholarship programs in the world. Hungary Government Scholarship 2020 is available for bachelors, masters and doctoral programs and international students from all over the world can apply for this amazing scholarship opportunity.

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This is one of the best opportunities for international students to Study in Debrecen (Study in Hungary, Europe) for free with the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship. The Stipendium Hungaricum Programme was launched in 2013 by the Hungarian Government. Thousands of students from all around the world apply for higher educational studies in Hungary each year. The number of Stipendium Hungaricum applicants is continuously increasing as well as the number of available scholarship places.

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The University of Debrecen is a government-supported public research university. The fully-funded Hungary Scholarships will cover full tuition fees, monthly stipend, accommodation, health insurance, and round airfare.


Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2020 at University of Debrecen Details:

Host Country:

  • Hungary

Host University:

  • University of Debrecen

Course Level:

  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Doctoral

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Fields of Study:

Undergraduate Programs

Agriculture Program

  • Food Engineering, BSc

Business Programs

  • Business Administration and Management, BA​
  • Commerce and Marketing, BA

Engineering Programs

  • Biochemical Engineering, BSc
  • Chemical Engineering, BSc
  • Civil Engineering, BSc
  • Electrical Engineering, BSc
  • Mechanical Engineering, BSc
  • ​​Automotive Production Process Control Specialization
  • Building Services Engineering Specialization
  • Operation and Maintenance Specialization​​
  • Mechatronics Engineering, BSc
  • Professional Pilot, BSc​

Health Programs

  • Nursing and Patient Care (Physiotherapy), BSc
  • Public Health, BSc

Humanities Program

  • English and American Studies, BA

IT Programs

  • Business Informatics, BSc
  • Computer Science, BSc
  • ​Computer Science Engineering, BSc

Music Programs

  • Musical Creative Art and Musicology, BA
  • Classical Performing Arts (Music), BA

Science Programs

  • Biology, BSc
  • Chemistry, BSc
  • ​Earth Sciences, BSc
  • ​Geography, BSc
  • Mathematics, BSc
  • Physics, BSc

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Graduate Programs

Agriculture Programs

  • Animal Husbandry Engineering, MSc
  • Agricultural Environmental Management Engineering, MSc
  • Agricultural Water Management Engineering, MSc
  • Food Safety and Quality Engineering, MSc
  • Plant Protection, MSc
  • ​Rural Development Engineering, MSc

Business Program

  • International Economy and Business, MA

Engineering Programs

  • Engineering Management, MSc
  • Environmental Engineering, MSc
  • Mechatronic Engineering, MSc
  • ​Mechanical Engineering, MSc
  • Urban Systems Engineering, MSc

Health Programs

  • Complex Rehabilitation, MSc​
  • Public Health, MSc​
  • Social Work in Health Care, MSc
  • Social Work and Social Economy, MA

Humanities Programs

  • English Studies, MA
  • American Studies, MA

Science Programs

  • Applied Mathematics, MSc
  • Biology, MSc
  • Chemistry, MSc
  • Environmental Sciences, MSc
  • Geography, MSc
  • ​Hydrobiology – Water Quality Management, MSc
  • Molecular Biology, MSc

IT Programs

  • Computer Science, MSc
  • Computer Science Engineering, MSc

Law Program

  • European and International Business Law- LL.M.

Music Program

  • Classical Musical Performance, MA

Ph.D. Doctoral Degree Program

Agricultural Sciences

  • Animal Science
  • Doctoral School of Nutrition and Food Sciences
  • ​Crop Sciences and Horticulture


  • English and American Literature
  • English Linguistics
  • History and Ethnology

Business and Economics

  • Management and Business

Information Technology

  • Informatics

Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

  • Doctoral School of Health Sciences
  • Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Doctoral School of Molecular Medicine
  • Doctoral School of Molecular Cell and Immune Biology
  • Doctoral School of Neurosciences
  • Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine
  • Gyula Petrányi Doctoral School of Clinical Immunology and Allergology
  • Kálmán Laki Doctoral School
  • Doctoral School of Dental Sciences

Natural Sciences

  • Biology and Environmental Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Sciences
  • Mathematical and Computational Sciences
  • Physics

Social Sciences

  • Legal Studies
  • Human Sciences

Financial Support:

The Hungarian government provides the Stipendium Hungaricum academic scholarship for international students.  Stipendium Hungaricum full scholarship includes:

  • Free tuition for the entire duration of studies.
  • Monthly grant for students of Bachelor, Master or PhD program.
  • Contribution to accommodation
  • Free medical insurance for the entire duration of a BSc, MSc or PhD program.

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List of Required Documents:

You need to prepare and upload the following documents for the Hungary Government scholarship.

  • Certificate of Education (school-leaving Qualification, High school diploma, a document of Graduation or any Equivalent, University or College Diploma/Certificate or any equivalent; all in English (translated).
  • Certificate or Proof of citizenship and/or permanent residence (e.g. Passport).
  • Short Resume/CV
  • Medical Certificate – Please see a Template HERE
  • Citizens, nationals, or permanent residents of the United States of America applying for the Medicine program of the University are required to submit their Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) results.

How to Apply for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme?


  • Before submitting your application, please read the current Call for Application carefully (,
  • In case you are interested contact the sending partner in your country;
  • With the help of the application, guide submit all the necessary application documents to the online application system of Tempus Public Foundation (TPF). The application platform opens at the beginning of November 2019.
  • Select the University of Debrecen
  • You are entitled to apply for two programmes.

Selection Procedure:

First: nomination of Sending Partner: The Sending Partner pre-selects the submitted applications and sends a nomination and a reserve list to TPF.

Second: the institutional evaluation:

  • Tempus forwards the nominated applications to the University of Debrecen
  • The University of Debrecen conducts the formal check and informs the formally correct applicants about the details (date and method) of the entrance exam/interview.
  • The university forwards the result of the entrance procedure to TPF.

Third: decision about the scholarship: The Board of Trustees of TPF awards the scholarship and informs the applicants about the result.

Application Deadline:

  • The last date to submit an application for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2020 at the University of Debrecen [Fully Funded] is January 15th, 2020.


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