StationeryX Charitable Initiative – To Keep Potential Kids in School

Sadly, Pakistan is amongst the countries with the highest ratio of out of school children. Around 2.5 million children in the school going age are out of schools and the number is increasing every day. With Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent speech in which he stressed upon improving the state of education in the country and taking care of people who cannot take care of themselves, it appears that the situation will take a positive turn soon but we also need to play our part.

A number of school going children drop out because they cannot afford the necessary stationery items which is extremely worrying. These kids from disadvantaged families find it difficult to afford & purchase items like bags, pencils, rulers, erasers and course material etc.

Support of Slums SchoolsOne for you, one for me by Zeshan Afzal is an initiative to tackle this situation in a way that these kids don’t have to drop out anymore and are given an opportunity to be at the school. Being part of the privileged community it is our responsibility to extend a helping hand for the ones who find it difficult to afford the basic necessities of life. With each stationery item, you buy for your kids or office from, one such item will be automatically donated to a kid who cannot afford it.

One For You, One For Me

Thank you to our thousands of customers to support us to educate every child in Pakistan. One For You, One For Me is an initiative of StationeryX to provide school stationery to Slum School children. Whenever you buy a product from StationeryX, We donate a product to a child at Slum School. As many products, you buy from StationeryX, as much you can support the education in Pakistan. #StatX #1ForU1ForMe

Posted by StationeryX on Monday, September 10, 2018

Under this initiative of One for you, one for me, StationeryX will be distributing packs of stationery including pens, pencils, glue sticks, rulers, folders, scissors, glue bottles, crayons and markers amongst the underprivileged children & at various Slum Schools.

Under the concept of social entrepreneurship, the initiative of One for you, one for me is more than just a charitable campaign. It is about sharing your privilege with others and choosing an option to make a difference in someone’s life. Instead of buying a product from the market, now you’ve got a choice to buy from with a social mission to change the lives of millions of our children.

What’s in it for is a justifiable question in this scenario and everybody knows any business cannot run without a stable revenue stream. The social mission will get the products of into the hands of customers who share the sense of social responsibility. The school going children and their parents would prefer to choose a product that would be helpful for another school going, child. This social angle of One for you, One for me by Zeshan Afzal makes an exciting brand in the corporate space where almost every company is aiming just for profit.

There are hundreds of options in the market if you start searching for stationery products but why wouldn’t you choose a product that could help someone else besides you or your child is the question. Who wouldn’t want to increase the number of school going children in their country? That is a question you need to ask yourself the next time you are buying a Stationery product because someone somewhere in your community needs the same product but just cannot afford it. Your one decision can change the life of a child. #ZAtalks #1ForU1ForMe