Turkey is among the most beautiful and destined places in the world when it comes to cultural richness, beauty, and lifestyle. Interestingly, Turkey has remained a study destination for students from around the world. The students are eager to study in Turkey due to multiple reasons. Firstly, Turkey offers numerous Turkish Government Scholarships, fully-funded scholarships, and partially funded scholarships to students around the globe. Secondly, scholarships in Turkey without IELTS are offered in many top-ranked Turkish universities.

International students are always welcomed in Turkey. Turkey, being a student-friendly country provides the students with probable chances to join social clubs, sports teams, and cultural events. The most robust and active places in Turkey are where the students socialize. In today’s time, it is not much difficult to study in Turkey on a fully-funded scholarship because there are thousands of international scholarships which are offered by the Turkish Government as well as by the individual groups and Turkish universities. There are more than ten-thousand scholarships in Turkey which are for international students who are enthusiastic about receiving their bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees from Turkish institutions.

One thing that makes Turkey a desirable place to study is its standard of education. Turkey is the second country in the whole world to have access to higher education with a 94.2% schooling rate. Moreover, Turkey has been perfectly involved in European Higher Education Area by fully implementing Bologna Process. The students who receive Turkey scholarships are the fortunate ones because they get to know the actual meaning of the best education. Moreover, Turkish universities are equipped with modern technologies and it does not matter in which university the student is getting to be enrolled, the experience of the campus will remain equally exquisite and mesmerizing.

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Turkish universities are enriched with the programs that are taught in English, however, there are universities where you can study without IELTS, one can get oneself enrolled in top-class Turkish institutes even on a fully-funded Turkey scholarship or partially funded scholarship. Almost 6000 programs in 204 Turkish universities are being taught to all national or international students which is a surety that one can find the cost of one’s interest in any Turkish university. Turkey is no doubt among the world’s fastest expanding countries and has bright career opportunities as well. Right now, the country offers many chances of free education through fully-funded bachelor,s scholarship, master’s scholarship, or doctoral scholarship, and also there is a list of universities in Turkey which do not require IELTS/TOEFL. One must avail this chance and must not put the veils down when this type of window of opportunity appears. The following paragraphs briefly describe some best Turkish scholarships without IELTS along with other links for further details.

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Scholarships in Turkey without IELTS 2022-23:

Host Country:

  • Turkey

List of Turkish Universities without IELTS 2022:

  1. Fatih Sultan Mehmet University
  2. Istanbul Aydın University
  3. Atılım University
  4. Bahçeşehir University
  5. Başkent University
  6. İstanbul Zaim University
  7. Ufuk University
  8. Beykent University
  9. İstanbul Medipol University
  10. Çankaya University

List of Fully-Funded Scholarships in Turkey 2022-23:

1) Turkiye Burslari Scholarship:

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is a merit-based highly competitive but one of the best scholarships in the world. The scholarship is offered and funded by the Turkish Government and is awarded to the most outstanding students from around the world. The Turkey scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship and also provides university placement and academic, social, cultural facilities to all the awardees. The scholarship is available for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. Students from around the globe can apply for this scholarship program.

For more information, visit: Turkey Burslari Scholarship 

2) Kadir Has University Scholarships in Turkey:

Kadir Has University Scholarships are the formidable eminent scholarships to study in Turkey for free. The university is located in Istanbul is a hub of enriching culture and learning activities coupled with the beauties of nature and man’s glory. The university is a research center and focuses on the capacity buildings and new models of education and their implementation. There are no requirements for IELTS/TOEFL etc to get the scholarship in Kadir Has University.

For more details visit Kadir Has University Scholarships

Bilkent University Scholarship:

Bilkent University Scholarships are open for all the international students for bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees. The university is unique in its formation as it is the first university in Turkey to be a non-profit private university. It is also known as the city of science due to its Turkish name “Bilkent”. The university came into the list of the world’s top-ranked universities and is the hub for the best minds in the world.

For more information, visit Bilkent University Scholarship

KOC University Scholarship in Turkey:

KOC University Scholarship in Turkey comes in the list of most famous scholarships in Turkey. It offers a fully-funded maser’s scholarship and PHD scholarship to international students. Moreover, the university itself is among the top-ranked institutes of the world. The university comes at 31st number in the ranking for top universities of Aisa. However, the university offer scholarships with specific eligibility criteria.

For more details, visit KOC University Scholarship

How to Study in Turkey without IELTS in 2022?

  • The candidates must receive English Proficiency Certificate from their previous degree institute. (if the medium of education is English)
  • The university has to clarify that the candidates’ medium of education has been in English.
  • If the candidate already has an IELTS certificate it can be used as a replacement for a university certificate.

Other International Scholarships in Turkey 2022:

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