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Europe has always remained the top-ranked study destination for students from around the world. There are multiple reasons why one should go to Europe to study. One of them is the number of scholarships the European countries offer to international students and another is the most attractive one which is to study in Europe without IELTS. Among such fantastic counties is Belgium. Belgium is one of the leading countries when it comes to students’ welfare, education standards, future opportunities, and career security. This western European country allows students from all over the globe to study on scholarships in Belgium without IELTS and also get to know the rich renaissance culture during their stay in Belgium.

It is an extraordinary and promising opportunity for enthusiastic self-motivated individuals to get free education in Europe without IELTS. The following article describes the methods for how to apply in Belgium’s top-ranked universities which do not have restrictions on IELTS/TOEFL certificates. There are many universities that accept students without these certificates if they have completed their previous education in the English medium. Moreover, there are plenty of scholarships for international students to study in Belgium’s best universities. Students who are eager to come to Europe and have different educational experiences are always welcomed in Belgium.

Besides having high standards of study, Belgium is one of the low-cost countries when it comes to studying. Most of the education in Belgium has very low or normal costs. The students without having any discrimination regarding their nationalities can study in some Belgium public universities for free. In case there is any tuition fee it is only between EUR 800 to EUR 9000 yearly which is a very affordable money amount. The students can no doubt find it very easy to study in such an accomodating country than anywhere in Europe. So, there are many opportunities that a student from any background, nationality gender, ethnicity, and race can land in Europe to study for free or on very low tuition fees.

One more thing apart from Belgium’s low cost of study which attracts the attention of the students is its cultural importance and the level of grooming it provides to its students. Belgium is also ranked as one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world with its very high standards of living quality of life healthcare, and education according to the Human Development Index. Furthermore, Belgium is a globalized economy because its high advanced transport infrastructure is in integration with the whole of Europe. One can travel the whole of Europe if one is allowed to stay in Belgium for study or work etc. In addition, Belgium’s economy is highly service-oriented, which is why it is an opportunity for students as wells to step into their practical careers from such a growing country. One can only experience the true beauty of Belgium by choosing the country as a study stop. There are some scholarships and universities discussed in the following paragraphs to facilitate the readers further in their questions about studying in Belgium for free and without IELTS.

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Scholarships in Belgium without IELTS 2022-23:

Host Country:

  • Belgium

List of Universities in Belgium without IELTS:

Here is the list of universities in Belgium where you can take admission without IELTS.

List of Belgium Scholarships 2022-23:

Master Minds Scholarship by the Government of Flanders

Master Minds Scholarship is in the initiative of the Government of Flanders to give the opportunity to outstanding students to come to Belgium to pursue their Master’s studies. This Flemish Region is located near the capital area of Brussels and it is an outstanding chance for international students to learn multiple Belgium cultures during their study. Above all, the scholarship provides an annual academic grant of €8200 to the selected students. For more information, visit Master Minds Scholarship 2022.

Belgium Government Scholarships

Belgium Government Scholarships are among the top-class European scholarships. This is because the Belgium scholarship program is a fully-funded scholarship for international students. Each year students are given chance to continue their graduate, and master’s studies in the top universities of Belgium. The scholarship provides a full-tuition fee along with other allowances. Moreover, there is no need to send hard copies of the application as the application is submitted online. For further details, visit Belgium Government Scholarships 2022.

ARES Scholarships Program

ARES is a need-based competitive scholarship program that helps the students to study in Belgium by financially supporting them. The scholarship aims to fulfill the mission and the vision which is “Belgium, where great minds grow”. There are a number of financial fundings, grants, and Belgium Government Scholarships which come under the umbrella of the ARES scholarships program. In order to find appropriate funded or fully-funded scholarships, For more info, visit ARES Scholarship 2022.

VLIR-OUS Scholarship Program

The VLIR-OUS Scholarship program provides international students with fully-funded opportunities for study. The dexterous students who fulfill the eligibility criteria of the VLIR-OUS scholarship can study in the Flemish university and college for free. The scholarship cover tuition fees, housing allowance, travel allowance, monthly stipend, and many other benefits. For further details, visit VLIROUS Scholarship 2022.

How to Study in Belgium without IELTS?

  • The international students whose medium of Education has been English, do not need IELTS.
  • Students can get English Proficiency Certificate from their previous institutions which must be evidence that the students have received previous education in English.
  • The English Proficiency Certificates must be printed on Letter Head and must be stamped by the authority from your previous institute/issuing institution.

Other International Scholarships in Belgium 2022:

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