Win Prizes and Travel Grants from a pool of US$100,000.

The Schindler Global Award (SGA) ideas competition asks students to put their skills to the test and participate in the making of livable and sustainable urban environments – with mobility in mind.

SGA will focus on the impact and implications of current and future mobility systems on urban development in one of the most globally significant cities – Mumbai. Mumbai presents many challenges as the second largest city in the world, offering participating students the chance to engage with spatial, social and strategic topics.

The competition opened on July 16 2018 with entries due at the end of January 2019. The SGA 2018/19 is open to final-year bachelor’s and all master’s degree students of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, from degree-granting educational institutions worldwide.

Award Benefits:
  • First Prize US$ 25’000
  • Second Prize US$ 15’000
  • Third Prize US$ 12’500
  • 3 Honorable Mention  US$ 7’500 each
  • 5  Travel Grant Award worth US$ 5’000 each
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Open for All
  • Final-year bachelor’s and all master’s degree students from architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning background are eligible to apply.

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How to Apply for Schindler Global Award Competition?

Please fill in all the fields below. Applications may be submitted by individuals or by teams. You can registrate a maximum of 12 students per team. If you want to registrate more than 12 students, please create a second team and fill in the registration form once more. After your registration you receive an email to confirm your registration. By clicking on the link in the email your registration will be confirmed and you will be participating at the Schindler Global Award 2018/19!

Step 1: Please fill in the data about the school you will be attending during the competition.

Step 2: Please fill in the data about the professor, who will be supporting you during the competition. You may also add data about other professors or tutors who support you via the “Add professor” button. Please make sure that the email address is correct. A separate email address must be entered for each professor, otherwise a smooth registration process is not possible.

Step 3: Please fill in the data about each participating student. Applications may be submitted by individuals or by teams. Check the “Competition Rules“.

Step 4: Please accept the registration conditions by clicking the box
Application Deadline: 
  • January 18, 2019


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