International Masters Degree matters now more than ever. A Masters degree is all about expanding your academic and professional horizons, and this especially the case if you complete it in another country. Here are some important reasons for doing a master’s degree from another country.

  1. It gives you an edge over all other local applicants both in applied industry jobs as well as in academia.
  2. In recent years, having a master degree has become a necessity even for applied jobs as there are already more than enough undergraduate degree holders.
  3. An International Masters Degree gives you a versatile and dynamic exposure both in terms of education and practice (internships etc.).
  4. You have the opportunity to get letters of recommendations from high profile professors and industry experts of your field for your future jobs and Ph.D. applications.
  5. You study mostly in better-ranked universities which is a competitive advantage in a large pool of applicants for any job/faculty position/Ph.D. application.
  6. You get to know about different working and living cultures and environment, that helps you to further develop your soft skills such as communication, flexibility, working in cross-cultural teams, adjusting in different environments, independence, responsibility, etc.
  7. You develop worthy professional connections and possess an internationally acknowledged degree that can help if you ever need to relocate abroad or even in terms of international colleagues who can have a direct/indirect impact on your future career.
  8. You can participate in such events and conferences etc., which otherwise are a far cry.
  9. A master on full scholarship come up with financial freedom where you are not burdening your guardians with your financial demands and hence you can freely focus on your study. For some good scholarships, you can even save/send home some considerable amount of money (an indirect benefit to Pakistan).
  10. Doing well in your international master leaves you with a great power to decide whether you want to join industry or academia once back to Pakistan.
  11. You bring along intellectual capital that would serve the future generation in various ways in the years to come. One more independent, successful youngster means at least some more prosperous future families – his/her own family, students/employees, community, etc.
  12. An international master is a prestige on your CV that you worked your way up to ultimately earn a master level degree from a better-developed country.
  13. In case you are like me who doesn’t want to pursue advanced research/academic career, an International Masters Degree is much more important and valuable as it possibly would be your highest level of professional education. It will help you in getting a better placement in the local industry, at least at par with worthy local graduates from top Pakistani institutions.