The Governing Body of Peterhouse means to grant various Graduate Studentships, to be taken up in October 2018.
Host Country:

  • United Kingdom

Host University:

  • Peterhouse, Cambridge

Course Level:

  •  Graduate degree (MPhil and Ph.D.) programme

Field of Study:

  • Courses which offered by Peterhouse Cambridge

Provided by:

  •  Governing Body of Peterhouse

Scholarship Duration:

  • Peterhouse Graduate Studentships will normally be held for the normal duration of a research student’s degree, up to a maximum of four years.
  • Students may be funded for a one-year MPhil on the condition that they intend to be candidates for the PhD, for which they will receive a maximum of three years funding

Scholarship Value:

  • The value of every studentship will rely upon whether understudies are in receipt of different gifts.
  •  If a successful applicant has no funding from other sources, then their studentship will cover University and College fees plus maintenance at the same level as the Arts and Humanities Research Council awards (currently £14553 per year for doctoral students, and £10914 per year for MPhil students).

Eligibility Criteria:
To be qualified for a Peterhouse studentship, candidates must gained admission as a graduate students by the University of Cambridge. They should in this manner present an application through the University’s Board of Graduate Studies, and they should meet whatever criteria is set by the University and the office or workforce to which they apply. You have to ensure that the Faculty to which you apply additionally considers you for all University studentships for which you are qualified. You can check how this is finished by counseling the Graduate Admissions Tutor in the Faculty or on the Faculty’s site. You will find helpful data on the University’s Graduate Funding page, at . Note that your application for a PhD is made to the University and not to Peterhouse. You can apply for Peterhouse graduate Studentships at the same time as your college application. Fruitful candidates must examination at Peterhouse.
Inquiries may be made to
Application Deadline:

  • 5pm on Friday, 5 January 2018.


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