Erasmus Plus or Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, Europe is a prestigious integrated, international study programme, jointly delivered by an international consortium of higher education institutions.
(This full information and post has been provided by Waqar Baig . Thanks to Waqar Baig)

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships Details:

In this scholarship, you will study in Europe in 03 European countries in 03 universities and get a dual degree awarded by two European universities. You will get a fully funded scholarship with almost 1200 Euros per month stipend (120,000 PKR per month). Travelling is paid separately from the stipend. No tuition fee. Chances to study and making friends of different languages and cultures along with travelling all around Europe free of cost. After getting the dual degree, you get the job search visa in one or two countries in Europe. So you can easily search and get a job in Europe. This degree is highly admired by companies in Europe & USA.
Now, don’t you want to apply for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships ????
Erasmus Mundus Scholarships has almost 139 Master degree programs and you can apply for any 03 of them at a time.
In 2017, only 40 students selected from Pakistan and 80 from Bangladesh and from Iran are 60 students and from India 73 students.
This is very low selection number from Pakistan. We are planning that this year for 2018 selection, maximum number of Pakistanis will get selected for it.
Some Observations from the Profiles of Erasmus + Pakistani winners
We collected the profiles of Erasmus students selected from Pakistan for 2017 and found some interesting results. Almost 32 people from 40 people gave their profile data
Some findings are
1) Out of 32 students, 25 students have CGPA between 3.5 to 4.00. Many have near 4.0 or 4.0 CGPA (Tag gold, silver, bronze medalists in your universities now)
2) Only 04 people have CGPA less than between 2.5 & 3.0 and with this CGPAs, they have many things in their profiles such as Research experience (publications), Volunteer experience, extra-curricular activities, aligned and well written Letter of Motivations, personal statements. Presented their profile in essays in a good way (Tag all rounders, researchers of your universities)
3) Relevant work experiences in any form such as volunteer or research or full time job also played an important role. Well written Letter of Motivation, Personal statements and targeted Letter of recommendations. Work experience is not required. But if you have any, then it is good.
4) Only 03 of them have submitted English Proficiency certificate from their university. Rest all of them IELTS or TOEFL scores. SO, it means you must do IELTS or TOEFL for it. Because as this program is competitive, dun let yourself down in competition just due to IELTS or TOEFL. May be some program among 139 programs may accept English Proficiency certificate from university. You can find out this by emailing the coordinator of program, you are applying for.
5) I have shared Erasmus Pakistani winners experience below
How to apply for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships:
1) Open the list of programs being offered. Programs may have very strange names . You may or may not find the traditional names of Masters as we have in Pakistan such as Masters in electrical Engineering, Masters in Biotechnology. So, open the links of Master degree programs which even look a slight relevant to you. Open the website and if you see your degree or profile or work experience, partially or fully fit into details of that program, then for this program, you must apply. Finalize 03 most relevant programs to your profile.
2) Every program has its own deadlines, a few has opened now. More programs will open in coming months, especially in November and will have deadlines in January, February 2018. But BUT, you have to keep tracking the deadlines of your relevant programs yourself. You can even email coordinators of program for asking about its info.
3) No need to contact any professor or else. Just find the details on your relevant program websites and apply by following instructions given on the program’s own website
4) GRE is not required. IELTS or TOEFL score is required. Minimum in most of the programs in 6.5. But you can check the band or score required for IELTS or TOEFL by checking the respective program website. You can prepare for IELTS or TOEFL in a week and get good scores. So do it in month of October, 2017
5) Result awaited students can apply. But how result can find out that until when they can submit their final result? This can only be found out by emailing the program coordinators of the 03 programs that you have selected to apply for or if they already have mentioned this on their websites. You can get this information from there.
6) No work experience is required.
7) People with atleast 16 years of education can apply for it.
8) No age restrictions.
9) Do see the videos links given below and websites.
a) Video 1:
b) Video 2:
c) Video 3:
d) Video of the guy who has CGPA below 03 and won Erasmus
Also this is the group of Erasmus Pakistani alumni on FB.
Program Websites
A) Link of Erasmus Master Degree Catalogue: Erasmus + Master Catalogue (101 Programs in the list currently)…/eras…/library/emjmd-catalogue_en
*** These 38 programs will be added soon in the above list, but you can still find these 38 program websites by searching the program names given the list on google…/2017_emjmd38-selection_results…

Questions from Erasmus Mundus Scholarships winners: 
We asked this question from Pakistani Erasmus winners,
Question: “What Do You think about the main factors that Got you Selected For Erasmus+ Scholarship (Major Highlight Of Your Application)”
Answers :
See the answers to make up your mind.
1) My academic profile, my extra skills, job experience in university a research lab Engineer, Motivation and dedication
2) Making perfect relevance of my background to their program. My application felt like I have everything they need for this program.
3) I mentioned my objectives very clearly in my personal statement and linked my goals with my previous experiences.
4) My last two year’s practical experience that is very much aligned with the current program
5) Research Publication Record/Track, Awards and Honors, Teaching and Research experience of 9+ years
6) Campus Gold Medal and Institute Silver Medal in BS and Professors reference letters.
7) Experience and extracurricular
8) “1. CGPA
2. Undergraduate Institute
3. TOEFL score
4. SOP and LOR”
9) Focused intentions, Clear depiction of ideas, Selection of program according to your interests, Good representation by words in LOM and good format CV
10) First of all it’s the blessings of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. According to me it’s Good prepared prerequisites like motivational letters and research projects. Moreover, I gave the test and interview with proper preparation.
11) Motivation letter & work experience
12) My motivation, academic record and multi cultural experience and my teacher’s recommendation
13) Motivation letter, CGPA, Research experience
14) Passion to research an incurable disease
15) Preparation
16) Letter of Motivation, Research work and field experience,IELTS
17) My CGPA, my statement of purpose, my IELTS score, my interview. All of them required a lot of patience and hard work.
18) My CGPA, work experience and program relatedness along with my Personal Statement and teachers references.
20) Three years of industrial experience.
21) I think my motivation letter is the primary factor for my selection, followed by a mix of my related work experience and good academic grades.
22) CGPA, exact relevance of profile with the intended MS program, relevant and quality internships and projects
23) My motivation letter and the breadth of knowledge I gained during my thesis. My application was aligned with program objectives. I took interviews very seriously and prepared for each one of them after consulting with seniors.
24) Research Interests+Enthusiasm towards acquiring education+Recommendations+Performance in last degree
25) I had everything to present but I think CGPA played the important role
26) “My academic background with 1st division overall
IELTS with 7 bands
My number of work experiences in different fields (as teacher, clinical nutritionist)
Working as Radio Broadcaster (Depicts confidence)
And my determination for applying regarding all the documents (CV, motivation letter etc.) I gave my best in all the documents.
And numerous extra curricular activities in all different fields (Music, Art, cooking)”
27) Work experience. Was working as a journalist for three years, alongside three years of other experience.
your confidence, will power
28) Gold medal in BSc. International awards in debates.
29) I have a vision and I also faced hurdles and challenges during my BS in Computer Science and the way I explained how I tried my best in finding solutions with perseverance and confidence contributed in my selection. Moreover, my community services, professional experience, undergraduate project work and most important the plan that how I am going to make most of this program, that I have applied for, after competing it, were the most important factors that played their role in my selection.
30) I think my basic degree in Economics which was the main factor. Apart from that i mentioned my youth activism and the interest to work on Post-Conflict displacement in Rawanda as an extension to my previous project on Waziristan which caught the selection committees eye.
31) University ranking, academic achievements and distinctions, publications and voluntary/extracurricular services.
We will soon do video lectures of Pakistani Erasmus + winners on this group. Also we will try to make a Proofreading team this time to check yours Letter of motivations and personal statements etc.
I would request you to tag gold, silver medalists or all rounders with extracurricular activities or good researchers in your universities and let them aware about this scholarship
Best of Luck!

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