The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society is now accepting applications for the Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program taking place October 1 – November 30, 2018, at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York, NY. The Program will provide leadership training through seminars with Third-sector practitioners, research based on best practices, and the application of a comparative framework.

The program focus will be community foundations, place-based giving, and local grantmaking, set within the context of an increasingly global philanthropic sector.  Additional trends and practices in philanthropy will be covered to provide background and to address the research interests of all participating Fellows.

Drawing on seminars, readings, discussions with leaders in the field, and the Fellows’ own experiences, each participant will produce a strategy paper with recommendations for the development, adaptation or expansion of community grantmaking or another approved topic. It is expected that these recommendations will consider the variety of experiences around the globe, and will reflect the particular political, social, economic and legal frameworks in the Fellows’ home countries.

Host Country:
  • United States
Host Organisation:
  • The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society
Program Location:
  • New York
Program Duration:
  • Two Months
Program Dates:
  • Monday October 1 through Friday November 30, 2018.

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Financial Support:
  • Top-ranking applicants may be offered an award to participate on one of the following bases: full-award; partial award; or tuition.
  • Full fellowship awards cover the costs of tuition, single-room dormitory accommodations with shared facilities at International House (adjacent to Columbia University) in Manhattan, a meal allowance at International House, medical insurance, program materials, local meetings, local travel and other selected program-related costs.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Program open to community philanthropy practitioners and researchers in the US and overseas.
  • Requirements
    • Strong institutional base at a community foundation, place-based grantmaker, community philanthropy support organization, or other organization actively working to increase locally-based contributions and grantmaking.
    • Ability to implement research recommendations
    • College or university degree
    • Strong spoken and written English language skills (TOEFL scores or the equivalent should be provided by those whose education was in a language other than English; alternately, a statement documenting facility with the English language within your professional sphere is acceptable.)
Required Documents:
  1. résumé or curriculum vitae identifying past and present employment, and educational experience and relevant publications, if any;
  2. research proposal (3-5 pages) that identifies a research topic on community foundations or community grantmaking, questions to be addressed, anticipated methodology, as well as a  plan for disseminating and applying research findings. The proposed research should reflect a comparative framework and must be feasible to undertake and complete within the duration of the program and while residing in New York City.
  3. personal statement explaining what you seek to accomplish during the program and how participation in the program would enhance your work in philanthropy or strengthen civil society locally.  Any professional or academic experience outside of your home country should also be described (2 pages maximum).
  4. provide two referees with the online recommendation form.  Two letters of reference are required, and at least one should be from individuals who know the applicant in a professional (rather than an academic) capacity.
How to Apply:

Complete and submit by Monday May 14, 2018 the online application form (please scroll down further below).  In the event that applying online proves challenging, the application form may be made available in an alternate format upon request via

Application Deadline:
  • May 14, 2018


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