Eiffel France Scholarships for Full Masters / MPhil, and Exchange PhD 2018-2019 are now Open for applications.
(This full information and post has been provided by Waqar Baig . Thanks to Waqar Baig)

Eiffel France Scholarships Details:

** Mr. Waqar Baig talked with Campus France official in Pakistan about it and they shared their experience,
***According to them
1) Eiffel France Scholarships is highly competitive, so normally it has been seen that universities select High CGPA such as 3.5 or above and high achievers in other fields and normally they win Eiffel on universities nominations
2) Choose the university, which has less tuition fee, as Eiffel does not pay for tuition fee. If you find low tuition fee universities which are govt. universities and many private universities which have nominal fee. Then apply there for Eiffel. In this way you can easily cover their tuition fee by your monthly stipend by Eiffel
3) If you see any universities in France admission process is not open and you want to apply for Eiffel there, you can email them and tell them you want to apply for Eiffel through them. Universities will then tell you the procedure of their admission process for Eiffel, even it is not open.
Last Date to send nominations to Eiffel by Institutions in France is 12 January, 2018. Universities will select you and nominate before this date.
4) How to find universities in France. See videos here
Do remember that Institutions in France will nominate you for Eiffel, you cannot apply directly in Eiffel.
So find universities in France and apply there to be nominated for Eiffel.
Eiffel France Scholarships for full Masters/MPhil, and Exchange PhD 2018-2019 in any fields. (** Read Full Post)
Why & How ? French universities are difficult to explore due to french language websites. IF we explore them and apply by following guidelines below. We can have good chance of selection as France is still unexplored area by students in the world due to problem of its language barrier on its websites
We have now Pak-France Studies office in Pakistan, from where we can take help . How many of you have contacted Campus France already ??
We know one thing that universities in France normally select Pakistani students in their first selection list of admissions. So, if you miss the first admission selection, then you can miss the Eiffel. SO you have o find the universities and asking there if they allow eiffel and apply there for admissions in first selection of admissions. So be a early and hard working bird to catch the fish (Eiffel Scholarship). Even most of universities do not require IELTS or TOEFL scores. You can belong to any major /field. You can apply for it. Almost every field in it.
I am also a learner yet of Eiffel, trying to update myself with your feedback. In sha ALLAH will be perfect in it soon. So, if anyone of you have got Eiffel or know anyone who has got eiffel. Let him/her get in contact with me. We shall arrange his or her lecture. Special request to current students in France
Masters degree Scholarships and PhD exchange in France by French Govt. Eiffel Scholarships 2018
Eiffel France Scholarships: Applications are open now. But you cannot apply directly in it. French Universities will apply on your behalf if they select and nominate you for it
*** Every university in France has its own deadlines, so do follow the deadlines of universities as they are passing by now.
Last year we saw that French universities prefer foreign students to be selected in first edition of their admission applications. They told that you should have admission in French universities in first session of admissions (there can be three or four sessions of admission in French universities). Then you will be considered for Eiffel and other scholarships in France and have better success ratio in Eiffel.
So, we want that you start from today following the procedure given below and start getting information about French universities and following them and apply as soon as universities in France announce admissions. You can get more information about it from Pak-France Studies
Procedure of their selection
1) You apply for admissions in French universities, who are taking students under Eiffel (Choosing one university for final selection)
***** Must try to apply in first session of admissions, which means you have to keep on checking french universities websites for first session of applications
2) French University that selects you, will nominate you as its Eiffel Scholarship candidate to French authorities (Campus France),French Authorities will give final decision of your selection
How to find universities under Eiffel ? They can be found out by any of the three ways below
a) Find the universities and courses in universities that are under effiel using google. write in google “Eiffel 2018 2019” or search in the database of French universities and emailing them and asking if they select the students under Eiffel
b) You can also use these two links , but again to confirm about these courses, you have to ask universities if they accept you under eiffel for that course
*Master: http://www.campusfrance.org/fria/lm/master.html (Write in search bar your desired major, just few words, it will give you results)
Also this link
* PhD : https://doctorat.campusfrance.org/en/phd/dschools/main
** Also find any universities in France through google and ask them if they nominate the students under Eiffel
4) Contact the French universities yourself and tell them that you want to be an Eiffel Candidate or apply via Eiffel and then apply there as soon as universities reply
5) Also now Pak-France Studies can help and see the postings on its page
Fields of study will be (engineering science; exact sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences, nano- and biotechnology, earth sciences, sciences of the universe,environmental sciences, information and communication science and technology);
– economics and management;
– law and political sciences.
So find and apply in universities now or keep on checking universities, if some universities have not started taking admissions on Effiel, they will start soon. You can email them and as as well
**Also see university admission requirements and update yourself with IELTS/ TOEFL etc , whatever is required
*** In many universities, you can get admission without TOEFL and IELTS, so you can apply with English proficiency certificate from parent university. For confirmation of it, you have to ask university officials by emails but take chances
Also tuition fee is not covered in Eiffel, but if you see the tuition fee in France for Public universities is almost 200 Euros per year and in private its almost 600 euros per year. So, you can pay your tuition fee from one month stipend of Eiffel, which is almost 1000 Euros per month. It can variable as well between 200 Euros to 2000 Euros a year. Still, you can pay it from your stipend. so do not worry about tuition fee matter
Do see this video lecture as well
Eiffel France Scholarships advertisement :: But better to follow above guidelines
Old Guide for Eiffel of last year ( New guide will be uploaded soon
Link of Pak-France Study (Campus France)
Good Luck!