On the 10-year anniversary of CarpetVista Design Competition, they are looking back at the beautiful carpets created from all around the globe. 92 countries to be more exact. And more is to come.

Do you have an inner designer waiting to be discovered? As a designer you can win not only fame and fortune, but also your carpet being produced and sold on carpetvista.com.

As a follower you will have a voice in deciding the winner and even have the opportunity to win a carpet of your own for your home.

Host Organisation:
  • CarpetVista
  • 1st Prize: 1,977 € + 989 € Carpet credits + your own design in production
  • 2nd Prize: 989 € + 989 € Carpet credits
  • 3rd Prize: 494 € + 989 € Carpet credits
  • 4-10: 297 € + 989 € Carpet credits
Competition Rules:
  • The design should be creative and commercially viable
  • The design must be original
  • The carpet will be made by hand, so shades can be a challenge
  • Design for dimensions of 2×3 m (6′7″x9′8″)
  • Aim for one of the most common rug shapes
  • Why settle for one? You can have multiple contributions!
How to Apply CarpetVista Design Competition?

Apply online through the given link.

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Application Deadline:
  • October 31, 2018