Call for applications for Alibaba eFounders Fellowship Programme 2018 in China.

The eFounders Fellowship Program is a two-week course for entrepreneurs in developing countries who are operating open, platform-based businesses in the ecommerce, logistics, big data, and tourism spaces. The program will provide first-hand exposure to and learning about ecommerce innovations from China and around the world that enabled growth and a more inclusive development model for all.

With a focus on highlighting breakthrough innovations that have transformed society in China, the program will inspire each participant to think of creative frameworks based on prior expertise and new learnings that can be applied to their own home markets.

Participating entrepreneurs will be given the tools to improve their own ventures, but as ‘New Economy’ pioneers they will be expected to serve as network builders and champions of new ways to approach commerce in their own markets. UNCTAD and Alibaba believe these entrepreneurs can spread powerful new ideas around the world by creating impactful communities and empowering their peers.

The course targets young entrepreneurs as part of an initiative on the digital economy for sustainable development that is jointly organized by the Alibaba Business School and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

Host Country:
  • China
Host Organisation:
  • Alibaba
Fellowship Location:
  • Alibaba Xixi Campus – Hangzhou, China
Fellowship Duration:
  • Two Weeks
Fellowship Dates:
  • November 9th – 23rd, 2018
Financial Support:
  • The course tuition, accommodation and meals will be covered for selected candidates,  China. A letter of support for a visa request will be provided by UNCTAD to facilitate the visa application process. Once in China, the Alibaba Group will arrange lodging and transportation during the course.

Participants will be expected to apply and pay for their visa application and travel to and from Hangzhou,

Program Objectives:
  • Identify and select high-potential entrepreneurs who can become industry champions and builders of a new e-commerce ecosystem in their country;
  • Empower the participants to not only apply the gained knowledge in their home countries but also mobilize and inspire others to embrace the new economy paradigm;
  • Create a local community of e-commerce champions who can support one another and continue to nurture the development of their ecosystems to ensure a measurable and sustainable impact within their markets.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Entrepreneurs in the digital and technology space operating open platforms related to:
    • eCommerce, Logistics, Fintech, Big Data or Tourism;
  • Authentic, open-minded and altruistic leaders of the new economy;
  • At an inflection point in their careers;
  • Looking to move from success to significance with integrity, vision and drive;
  • Founders or co-founders of an officially registered digital technology venture in one of the following countries:
    • Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam;
  • Female entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Under the age of 35 preferred;

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How to Apply for Alibaba eFounders Fellowship?

You have to submit Alibaba eFounders Fellowship Application online.

Application Deadline:
  • Applications for Alibaba eFounders Fellowship must be received by September 2nd, 2018 at 23:59:59 China time (GMT+8)


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