The 4th European Union EU Summer School is a joint two-week certificate program of ADA University- Center of Excellence in EU studies in partnership with the Germany academic exchange program (DAAD) and the University of Bologna (Italy).

Participants will gain insight into the main fields of action of the European Union (EU) and EU Foreign Policy. Special emphasis will be given to the geopolitical aspects of EU relations with neighboring countries and regional powers such as Turkey, Russia and Iran. The European Union’s strategic processes and challenges of both widening and deepening will be reflected by addressing economic, energy, social, political and cultural dimensions and their interlinkages. The programme will foster participants’ interactive engagement by offering lectures, workshops and intensive debates

Host Country:
  • Azerbaijan 
Host University:
  • ADA University
Program Duration:
  • Two Weeks
Program Dates:
  • 25 June – 6 July 2018

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The course offers detailed knowledge focusing on:
  • Understanding EU Foreign Policy on national, regional and global levels
  • EU interregional integration and its challenges
  • Present and future design of European Neighborhood and Eastern Partnership 
  • Internal and external perspectives on EU foreign affairs
  • EU strategy in response to global challenges 
  • EU Foreign Policy instruments in responding to conflicts and crises
  • Actual challenges of security, fiscal, economic, social and cultural policies
  • Azerbaijan at the crossroads of Europe and Asia
Program Cost:
  • The program includes handout materials, lunch and coffee breaks for all participants.
  • The program fee does not include visa, flight and transportation fees. 
  • For limited number of international applicants and national applicants living outside of Baku region, accommodation will be provided on behalf of the ADA University.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Target Groups of EU Summer School are local, foreign, graduate and undergraduate university students; researchers, professionals and individuals interested in EU related issues; civil servants dealing with EU Affairs.
  • Everyone above the age of 16 years can apply.
How to Apply:

Application form is very simple and easy to fill. Application must be submitted online. 


Application Deadline:
  • The application deadline is 20 May 2018. The decisions will be announced on 25 May 2018. The program fee should be submitted by 10 June 2018
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